Melanie Lutz Day 80 8th Next 100 Practice Trusting Your Intuition
Trust Your Intuition
Allow yourself the grace available in each moment to act from the still small voice that knows.

Affirm It
I love and trust my life exactly as it is.



“When I think of the infinite, I think of black. Black is forever and then some; it will outlast light. Black is the beginning, the source, the before and the after, the Alpha and the Omega. . . . Shamans taught me that black is the color of the west on the medicine wheel, the direction linked to earth, the female body, introspection, change, death and intuition.” —Connections

May I receive the gifts being offered in each encounter.

Love, Mel

Mels Love Land Docu-Series Wisdom
Mels Love Land Docu-Series Wisdom

Consider the Possibility There is Another Way

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