America Ferrera Ted Talks The Power of Self Love

“My identity is not an obstacle — it’s my superpower,” says America Ferrera onstage at TED2019.

Loving Yourself. Expanding Your Field of Possibilities and Living Authentically. Every career in the arts is full of tough lessons, as by its very nature you are inviting judgement in one form or another. America Ferrera describes her efforts to make a name for herself, everything people say “You’re too fat,”  “too short,” “too this, to that.”

Her first break in Patricia Cardosa’s Real Women Have Curves operated on two levels as a ‘discovery’ and an ‘anthem’ for all the women who would follow in America’s footsteps, ebmracing their bodies, living lives of grace and purpose and love without having to apologize. Ms. Ferrara has many credits since her feature film debut and has represented herself as a woman of accomplishment and integrity. Every life involves an ever unfolding understanding and growth and support, learning and relearning, coming to mastery of the soul’s code for this life time in the vehicle we are given, the body.

Her TED talk delivers a heart coming to terms with story, authenticity and loving.

Ferrera co-founded HARNESS with her husband, Ryan Piers Williams, and Wilmer Valderrama and is a constant activist for human rights.

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