Angel Guidance

Our sun has just past the marker and we have now entered the Yin of the year and it is the perfect time to do a review.  Here are some questions to ask yourself as you plans for the next season:


As you look back over the past six months what has happened in your life? What are some of the results you have achieved with your plans? The yin of the year is considered the feminine aspect according to Chinese astrology. Yin is the dark half of the yin and yang symbol. It means the shady place, and it is cold, wet,  and yielding. But yet, there is always a bit of yang in the yin, and a bit of yin in the yang so always look for the balance as you review.

Review what you have achieved since the Winter Solstice.

What has gone well? Take a look at your plans and see how they manifested. Look at all the areas of your life that you feel good about and are happy with the way they are proceeding.

How will I celebrate my outer achievements? Did you take the time to celebrate the steps along the way? Sometimes when you look at the progress you have made in your attempts at achieving helps you to feel better about results that are yet complete.

Who has helped me and how can I show my gratitude to them? Recognize the people in your life who have supported you along the way.

Which seeds have failed to germinate and how would I do things differently to ensure success next time? See the gift in seeming failures as these are the gifts to show you a better way.

Your Angel Guidance is to plan what you want to incubate in the yin phase of the year:

What do I wish to encourage in my life over the next half of the year? Make some plans and write them down so during the winter solstice you can do a review and see the results more clearly.

What do I want to nurture and develop in myself over the coming months?

What’s important to me? Take a really deep look and be sure that the dreams you are holding for yourself are yours. Oftentimes we do things out of tradition or obligation and it is time to do things that are important to you.

Which projects do I want to prioritize? Pick a few things that are most important to you. Think about smaller projects and bigger ones, and then work on both. The smaller projects offer faster rewards to help keep you motivated for the bigger ones.

What do I want to harvest and what will bear fruit? Take a look at your projects and see which ones are working and which ones aren’t. This is the time to adjust the ones that are not working for you or try something different. The solstice is the perfect time to renew your commitments as well.

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xoxox

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Recently during a private session an interesting question came up regarding contracts and Karmic Relationships.  I was asked how to approach them and clear Karmic Relationships. Also she asked how she can move on, how does the clearing take place and what are some techniques? Here are some thoughts to help you to understand:


When you make the choice to do an Earth journey in physical form, you come here to experience. You make contracts and plans about what it is you would like to go through as a soul. You ask that certain beings in your soul family come and join you and play a role in your book of life. Most of the people you meet in your life are here as part of a plan. Some are just for fun, some are just for growth, and others are meant to alter your path. Each one gives you interesting options and choices. Contracts and Karma are often misunderstood as is the Law of Free Will.

Contracts and Karma are often misunderstood. If it is something that you brought into this lifetime as a plan for your soul to experience then you must master it. If it is something you picked up in this lifetime, then it can be healed and released with ease. When you delve deeper into these cycles and see the patterns in your life, you can then move on to the next phase.

If the relationship is Karmic, there can be a lifelong connection, for example, children. You are therefore bound in some way the rest of this life and must learn to walk in mastery to have a healthy outlook for you. If it is not a contract to experience, then you can move on more easily. Usually you do not deal with that person or scenario again.

Interacting with each other is part of the reason we are here now, doing what we are doing. Understanding those relationships is often the key to learning to walk in mastery of our life lessons.Walking in Mastery is one of the reasons you came here to experience!

Your Angel Guidance is to look deeper into troubling relationships:

Sometimes the relationships that are the most challenging are those that you contracted to experience. You must master them instead of just heal from them. This can mean that even though you do the work and take the steps to complete one or more, they can still be experienced again. Not always with the same people, but different players playing the part. The trick is to walk in mastery of it by being aware of this. Making the choice to not experience this paradigm again consciously is your best defense.

Remember that FREE WILL in how you handle things is always yours!

If you want to clear your energy and cut the cords to the past, ask Archangel Michael to help you. He will use his mighty sword of truth to sever the cords of the past and help you rebuild yourself once again.

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xoxox

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Your angels are surrounding you with support so that you can discover your own brilliance.  It is time to let your light shine in any area of your life that needs to be recharged, released, or rejuvenated. It will help to bring about transformation and change.

Discover your brilliance

This is a good time to wipe the slate clean so to speak and let a new beginning begin. Work with your brilliance when you want assistance in healing health conditions, release fears, and release anxiety. Recharge your energy and bring your sparkle back.

Quiet yourself and breath deeply until you feel completely relaxed. Ask your angels to help you to discover your brilliance. Ask your angels to show you how you can use this personal brilliance to shine a light into the world  and be fully in your purpose. Then, allow the angels to show you thoughts, feelings, and ideas to help you manifest this in your life now.

After your meditation, set your intention to make those changes and transformations that allow you to be your brilliant self and change the world. And then, go out into the world and share your Brilliant Light.

Your Angel Guidance is to Discover Your Brilliance:

Ask your angels to surround you in their brilliant light and help you recognize your own light and let your brilliance shine brightly to help transform your world and the world around you.

Say: “Dear Angels, I am ready to see my own brilliance and recognize the wisdom within me to help me manifest my inspirations!”

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xoxox

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Balance is an important part of life. When your life is balanced between what you want and need to do and what you do for others, you live a more balanced and harmonized life and isn’t that truly what many of us strive for?


The angels like to remind us that every challenge contains a blessing and every blessing contains its challenges, it is part of life as a human. What we need to do is embrace the whole of life. When our body systems are in balance with each other, we are able to release stress more easily. When we release stress, we can attain higher levels of peace and relaxation. When you feel peaceful, clear and relaxed, it is easier to have confidence. When you feel confident, it is easier to make choices and decisions and feel happier with all aspects of your life.

Your Angel Guidance is to focus on an area of your life you feel is out of balance:

As focus on an area of your life that seems out of balance, is there something you can learn from it? What would that be? Close your eyes and imagine a gift box from your angels. As it gets closer to you, it begins to unwrap and allow the gifts to be received in your heart. Then allow the gift of love to spread throughout your body, penetrating every cell of your being. As each cell is bathed in the light, you feel yourself relaxing and your body becoming more energized. It allows you to let go of fear, stress, or worry and brings you back into balance with life once again.

“Dear Angels, Please help be to create a more balanced and harmonious life, filled with great blessings and joy!”

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xoxox

Check out Sharon’s book, Angel Guidance, Messages of Love and Healing

Check out Sharon’s daily Angel Guidance Messages