Angel Guidance

Creating a Meditation Space helps you create an environment of love, healing and peace. Meditation is one of the most amazing tools that is out there to help you on your path. Create this sacred space for yourself, you are worth it and it is totally worth your time and effort. It will help to change your life in ways you haven’t even imagined for yourself yet.


Having a room, a space, a garden, a tree house, or somewhere special for a meditation practice is the best way to ensure you have a regular meditation practice. This is invaluable in the process of spiritual growth. Meditation is the answering. it is a simple life changing practice. Creating a sacred space to meditate in helps get yourself ready for this new practice and helps you to stay at it. This will also help to deepen your experience. Each one will lead you to another and something more grand.

Your Angel Guidance is to create a sacred meditation space somewhere for yourself!

Creating a meditation space is easy! It doesn’t need to be big or a special room, however if you can make a meditation room, so much the better!

  1. Choose a space or a room to create your sacred meditation space
  2. Pick things that are special to you, like a crystal or a statue that is meaningful to you
  3. Bless your space with intention
  4. Find a chair or special cushion and begin your regular practice.

Your space should be comfortable, peaceful, and inviting. It is only useful if you use it!

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One of my favourite things about working with the angels, is the comfort they can bring to those going through a death. Working with Transition Teams is something the angels have always encouraged me do. As a healer and a nurse, I have helped many souls cross into the light. When we can send them off with love and let them go, it is beautiful experience beyond words. One of the things we would like to see change is how people see and experience death.

transition teams

Today as I opened up facebook to post the morning angel message there was a post from a friend sharing a message of her fathers transitioning back home. I paused and sent her love. Then I noticed the next post and it too was about someone they loved transitioning. And then another, and another. It gave me pause as I thought about that many in a row about a loved one leaving. Since I too have been spending much of my time lately on the palliative care unit with friend, we thought it was time to talk a bit about life, love and how we perceive life after going on.

As a nursing student, I lost my very first patient in my arms. It was at the end of my first week in the hospital. My instructor wasn’t sure how to tell me since we were all new and we were going into the weekend. She was surprised when I told her I was so honoured that she died in my arms and wasn’t alone in her passing. I did get to do palliative care training, which was in its infancy at the time. Since that day I have actually lost count of how many people I have helped send home with love. This is one of my greatest honours.

Today as I finish this, I will then be off to create as much love for my friend who is about to pass. It is my greatest wish that he passes smoothly into the light and into the love of the ancestors, his wife, the guides and angels, and the beautiful Creator light that greets him as he goes home. Don’t be sad or wish me your condolences, for that is not necessary or even wanted, for we are truly not sad. We are all honoured to share and touch each others heart through the process and remember the gift of love that is left behind.

This has been a beautiful experience of unconditional love, healing, and friendship that continues to be a story that will continue to unfold. Like lives  that are about to change through this death of sorts, it creates a cycle and a story that will always continue to unfold.

Your Angel Guidance is to begin to feel less sad about someones transition, and send love to those going through the experience, as well as the gift they leave as their legacy to the lives they have touch!

One thing we all know for sure in this life is, none of us is getting out alive! Sort of lol. We are source energy, and we return back to that energy so we are just transformed into something different. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is only transformed a wise man once said. We all have a different view of what that looks like. That is okay. Until our time comes to make that transition, none of us really know for sure. That is a belief. The angels want us to stop seeing it so much as a loss, but as a new way that they exist. They still love us and are around, they are just not physical anymore. Just like the angels. Now they are unseen forces of light and love!

If you are having difficulty with the transition process of someone in your life, let the angels help you through it to a place of feeling better. That is one of their jobs!

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I love to start my day with a walking meditation. Today with all the flowers blooming, it was a glorious assault to my senses as I consciously walked by rose bushes, trees and wildflowers awake and alive to the sound of life.


Before you go out for a walk, set your intention to walk about mindfully. Ask to become aware of the subtle energies of the plants and animals, of the trees and even the people you encounter while out to play. Then, as you walk around, notice the thoughts, feelings, and the smells that are happening all around you. Top by next to a tree and feel it’s energy. Quiet your mind and your thoughts and just feel. It just might surprise you what that tree has say. Feel the earth beneath your feet. If you can, take off your shoes and walk upon the good earth and just feel her.

To do a walking meditation, begin by setting your intention – saying a prayer – stating that you want to consciously connect to the plants, animals, and the earth as walk upon her. Quiet your heart, your mind, and your breath. Feel yourself connect with mother earth. Open your eyes and notice all of the thoughts, feelings, and sensations that arise. Do not judge them, just let flow and be what they are.

When you return from your walking meditation, journal about those thought and feelings. It just might amaze you as new awareness and understanding emerges.

Your Angel Guidance is to take a walking meditation through your neighbourhood!

Lucky me! I have two beautiful little dogs that I take for walks everyday. That means that I go outside for a walk, regardless of the weather. I love to be out early in the morning when most of the world is still asleep. This time of the day is magical and it makes it easier to connect with the world around you. Get up early and go for a conscious walk tomorrow morning and see what a difference it makes in your day!

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Ending your day in an Angelic Way is not only a great way to let go of your day and fall asleep, it is a fantastic tool of transformation.



Creating a night time routine as part of your spirit practice greatly enhances you life. It helps you sleep better. It helps you let go of the day’s activities, which often are the reasons for sleep issues.

Create some affirmation to help you end your day in an angelic way:

  1. I have done my best today.
  2. I am peace with my life, myself, and my world.
  3. I am at peace.
  4. I am grateful for the opportunities that today has brought my way and thankful for the wisdom I have gain through these beautiful experiences.
  5. Everything I did today leads me to a better tomorrow and I am thankful for these gifts.
  6. Tomorrow is a new day filled with endless opportunities and abundant possibilities and I am ready for them to enter into my life now.

When you work with your angels they make life flow a little easier. When you decide to go to sleep with your angels, you will find answers to your questions through your dreams. Your angels are here to work with you and they want to help you to enhance your life in wondrous and angelic ways, let them help you today!

Set your intention for tomorrow to be filled with whatever comes next. Let the angels worry about what that looks like, just be open to good things you have set on your way. Release your attachment to things. Release your attachment to the how’s. Trust that it is and shall be. Let this be your knowing and hold no other. As you believe, so shall it be.

Your Angel Guidance is to begin a night time routine to help you create a better way the Angelic Way!

Here are some simple practices that can help you in ending your day in an angelic way:

Create a statement about what you would like your life to look like. Begin something like, “I am so happy and grateful now that ……… (describe what you would like your life to be like in the present tense)…and I am thankful everyday for this life!

Read this statement before you go to bed after you have cleared yourself of the day’s activities, good or bad. It is so important to let go. You’ve done the best you could for that day, and be proud of your accomplishments in a compassionate and loving way. Like your angels!

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