Angel Guidance

You deserve a good life. You deserve all the good things life has to offer. It is time for you to believe this too.


No matter how bad things might be right now in your life. No matter if you feel stuck or confused. No matter how many times you wished things were different or how many times you have cried No matter how often you try, never give up the hope for something better. When you do look back, and we don’t encourage this often, you see that you have survived many trials and challenges before and you will get through this, one way or another. You won’t or don’t need to stay in this place forever. Despite everything, you have grown. Know that you are worthy and deserve a good life. Be proud of this.

Take time to develop feelings of inner peace, emotional healing, love and understanding. As you find this place within you, you attract abundance and success. Knowing that you deserve a good life helps increase your self confidence.

Your Angel Guidance is to start to believe that you deserve a good life:

What are some of the ways you can begin to feel better about your life? Do at least one of these things each day until you start to know or believe that you are worthy.

Your goals should be focused more on creating a life that feels good! Do things that help you create a life that is meaningful to you. Remember, You are the creator of you.

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xoxox

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Finding balance amidst the chaos is true mastery. There certainly has been a fair bit of change going on and it often brings with it things that need to be let go of. Change often brings challenges that make us search for ways that feel good and a quest for finding balance once again.


There will be times when you are distracted by the drama and the shock and awe of everyday life. When this happens we say to you “LOOK AWAY”! As fast as you can, look away. Withdraw your attention from things that disturb you as fast as you can and look for something better to focus on as fast as you can. There is nothing good that can be gained here so just let it go and move on.

Creating a life of balance includes looking at things from a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspect. These four bodies all need to be fed in some way in order to achieve a balanced life. Lets begin with a some simple breathing exercises to help you to connect and JUST BE by The Honest Guys:

YouTube Preview Image

Now you are ready to begin looking at the areas that are important from a better feeling perspective and delve more deeply into those areas which are not in balance. For example, look deeply and ask yourself:

Are your base needs being met?:

Are you eating a balanced diet? Do you get enough rest every night? Do you worry about money? Finding balance in the physical world is important. When there is a lack of balance here, it is harder to focus on the other needs.

How is your Emotional World? 

It is okay and safe for you be loved, to feel love in all of it’s glorious aspects. Do you need to do some heart healing? Can you love unconditionally and do you know what that feels like?

Is there balance in the mental aspects of your world? 

How are your thoughts and do they match your feelings? We often live in the mental world more than any of the other. When we do this, it creates a huge imbalance and if often the root of much disease. It is time to put our thoughts in order and understand their origins. Are your thoughts and mental world working with you or are they blocking the results you desire.

How is your Spiritual Life? 

Do you have a spiritual practice, meditation, or religious affiliation? These are all ways to make a connection with all that IS. It doesn’t have to be formal, it is just important that you connect in some way. There are many paths up the mountain, so be open to what letting others choose their own path. Look for a kind a heart and let go of the rest.

You can create a spiritual practice by taking a walk in nature and tuning into everything around you. Seeing the beauty of your world helps you to connect to earth, its bounty, and its healing energy. It is a form of meditation.

If you wish to begin a meditation practice and are unsure where to begin. Start by searching online for a guided meditation and just do it.

Here is a link to an article I wrote to help with meditation with your Angels 

Here is a fantastic guided meditation from Utube and The Honest Guys on inner peace and healing. It is just 11:35 minutes which is a perfect way to begin.

YouTube Preview Image

Your Angel Guidance is to make finding balance a priority:

What are some of the ways you can bring more balance into your life?

Your goal should be focused more on creating a life that feels good! This is your mission and part of your purpose in this life. It is time for you to know that you are worthy and begin believe that too.

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xoxox

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Letting go of what no longer serves you. An often asked of us and yet not understood question is “How can I let go of what no longer serves me?”


And we say to you that this is so very simple, when it no longer serves you, you will have absolutely no problem in letting go. Oh and yes, it is also always for your highest good, or it would not be in your now. 

Perhaps the better question to ask is “What do I need to do or understand right now in order to move beyond this?” See the gift in the experience and reach for better feeling thoughts. This will help you move your mindset into a different vibration. As you keep doing this, you become the master. The simple answer is to see the lesson and the love and then you are ready to move on. Words that can seem condescending when you are personally going through an experience that has wounded you deeply. Yet this is the very thing that helps you move beyond it.

This is not always easy when you first begin for you have carried it around for so long. You learned to walk before you learned run. So is it with all aspects of your life. No one can do the journey for you! Not your guides, not your angels, not your god(s). There is no magic wand or magic ring. It does not however have to be  as difficult as some would make it seem. The most important step to take is to take a breath and begin.

Then suddenly, as if by magic, you will find that no longer think of that experience in the same way and you have let it go. There is no magical vortex you can instantly put yourself in by saying “Amen or Yes” unless you completely believe, without a doubt, that this is so. But as you transform your thoughts and feelings, your life actually works that way. It takes a bit of work at first to train your mind in such a way, but it will become easier.

Your Angel Guidance is about look at what your having a problem letting go of more deeply:

Ask your angels to help you see the issue, person, or feelings you want to let go of with the unconditional love of your angels. This is the best way to see things that challenge you. Do a thorough review of the situation. When you can understand it, see the gift, and love the experience unconditionally that it has served its purpose. You will then have absolutely no problem in the letting go. 

Remember that our wish for you is simple. Have the very best life imaginable and settle for nothing less. Let go of limiting beliefs. Once you can do that, the letting go gets easier and easier.

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xoxox

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A life purposely lived is a conscious choice. You change how you view the past and the future and spend your time in the present moment. Lately I have been using some new mantras to enhance the quality of my life and help me have a lot more fun. I have found that this new simplicity has taken things to a new level in the results I am seeing taking place. As I see my life changing, I notice the world around me changing too.


Be willing to view your experiences from a fresh perspective. Remind yourself everyday that it is a new beginning. There is an unlimited potential in everything so keep your open to allowing your world to unfold. When you set your intention to be in the flow you living a life purposely lived. It doesn’t need to be filled with a whole bunch of projects to make it worthwhile. It means to be open and allow your purpose to unfold and being aware of the moments.

“I love the Ease of My World” is my favourite. It helps me stay present in the moment and the knowing that things will just flow with ease. I went into the bank on Friday to put a commercial deposit in which means long lineups. I come prepared with my iPad so that I can play solitaire while I wait. This Friday I walked right in, got my business done, laughed with the tellers about where was everyone? They responded with a “we don’t know, we’ve been busy all day”. I love the ease of my world.

This week one of my clients asked me how do you move beyond the hurt when your relationship ended due to infidelity and you still have to see this happy couple in your daily life? “The wound is deep and I do not know how to move beyond it?” Our best advise when this happens is to begin to instantly transform your thoughts and feelings. You cannot control the actions of others and cannot always avoid them in your life. You can accept that and want to move on. As soon as those sad thoughts and feelings begin to surface, transform them to a better feeling way. Choose in that moment to know that you are worthy of great love and to be loved! It is that simple, you are!

And then she said, “Sometimes I send negative thoughts their way and it kind of makes me feel better”. Remember that what they do is their karma and what they need to do is really not any of your concern. You want to be conscious in what you are putting into your own karma bank. We ask that you remember that the best revenge you can seek is a life well lived! What more could you truly want for yourself? And so she has a new mantra that empowers her to move on and let go “My best revenge is a life well lived!

We all use affirmations or mantras. Become more aware today of the influence of the words and thoughts you have and use about yourself and your life. Look deeply to see how these affect your life. Is it time to change your song?

Your Angel Guidance is about expanding your understanding of the power of a life purposely lived:

Broaden your understanding and perspective and you are fulfilling you goals for a life purposefully lived. As you do you will find you are then in the flow and live becomes easier. Life does not need to be difficult nor is the hardest path the best path unless that is what you want. Choose to live your life well lived and let that be your only revenge.

The best revenge always is a life well lived! Imagine that! Love the ease with which your world flows. 

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xoxox

Check out Sharon’s book, Angel Guidance, Messages of Love and Healing

Check out Sharon’s daily Angel Guidance Messages