Your Charmed Life

Tomorrow will be my last blog on Thanks for a wonderful year. My little holiday gift to you is a free teleseminar on getting organized. Listen live tonight (Monday) or later from the archives.

As Victoria Moran retires from daily blogging on, she offers a retrospective of her ten favorite posts from the past year.

A tiny article from Miracles Magazine suggests finishing up on Christmas preparations by St. Thomas Day (Dec. 21) and leaving those last few days to prepare our hearts.

Author Victoria Moran looks at the pros and cons of quiet and stimulation.

Guest blogger is Elizabeth Grant, "the quantum coach," is filling today for Victoria Moran. And she's asking, "Do you use the guest towels?" In other words, just what do you think of yourself?

I am waiting to hear about the woman who had an affair with Tiger Woods and who is trying to keep that information to herself....

A writing quotation, a writing day

No real blog today since Victoria is working on her book proposal. A nice writing quote from Toni Morrison, though.

In response to my squawking about all the time I spend on busywork, the son-in-law of the late Thomas E. Powers, author of Invitation to a Great Experiment, sent me Mr. Powers' daily schedule during the time he was writing the book.

Watch seasonal movies, make fudge, do an Advent calendar....

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