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swan.jpgHi, friends — I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I would be giving up this blog at the end of my contract period. It’s not an easy parting, since I look forward to our chats, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to blog every day, have something worth reading every day, and still keep enough of the good stuff building up and churning inside my head for my next book and future books. Some people can do it, and I applaud them!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, December 15, for the final post, I’ll go back over the past year and pull out my ten favorites. This will be fitting: a Tuesday’s Top 10 to go out on. Also, anyone who is reading this prior to 8:30 p.m. Eastern time on Monday evening, please be my guest at tonight’s “Come Into Your Own in 2009” teleseminar. The topic is “Let’s Get Organized,” and the guest expert is Elizabeth Quincy of A Matter of Heart Organizing. She wrote the lovely guest blog about staying sane over the holidays. Tonight we’ll talk about dealing with our stuff, our schedules, and the holiday season. I’ll also let everybody know what’s on tap for “Come Into Your Own in 2010.” To be part of tonight’s class, call in at 605-475-4800, PIN 120653#. We start at 8:30 Eastern, but if you’re on by 8:45, you’ll be there in time for the “entree,” Elizabeth’s organizing wisdom and her answering your questions.
If you don’t hear about this in time, or if you’re not free this evening, you can listen via the archives: 605-475-4849, same PIN 120653#. 
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As my career as a daily blogger ends, I’ve looked back over the year and pulled out my favorite posts, the ones that meant the most to me, or that I had the most fun writing. I hope you’ll enjoy reading (or rereading) these. It’s been a privilege to share my thoughts with you.
Victoria’s Victorious Bailout Plan, Feb. 2, 2009 — Practical, spiritual suggestions for thriving in tough times.

Angels Unawares, Feb. 4, 2009 — The story of the taxi driver I rode with in Florida. We should have had nothing in common, but we ended up hugging at the entrance to the airport.

Top 10 Bible Passages for the Holistically Inclined, March 31, 2009 — An assortment of good stuff from the Good Book.
Aspen’s Obituary, June 28, 2009 — You guys were such a comfort when our amazing 15-year-old dog, Aspen, passed away early this summer.
Every Little Life, July 30, 2009 — This could conceivably be the only blog post ever written about a crayfish.
Prosperity — And Living a Charmed Life, August 28, 2009 — This was a response to several negative comments I’d received about being “rich” and “out of touch”. Some people wrote afterwards and said that I shouldn’t have to defend my life, but I found it so fascinating that, not actually being rich, my life looks that way to people. I figured it was a good thing.
National Punctuation Day, September 24, 2009 — I love the English language: words, turns of phrase, descriptions that paint pictures, even punctuation marks that make it all orderly and sensible. It was fun to write about punctuation and read comments from people who appreciate it as much as I do.
Paradise Health in My 50s, October 8, 2009 — A celebration of raw food and feeling amazing.
The Top 10 Things We Should All Be Hearing, November 10, 2009 — Ten statements that, if we heard them as children, saved us a lot of grief, and, hearing them now, will still do a great deal of good.
A Schedule to Consider, December 3, 2009 — Inspiration from the daily schedule kept by Thomas E. Powers when he wrote his classic of the spiritual life, Invitation to a Great Experiment.

Thanks to each and every one of you for being part of this adventure. Let’s stay in touch.
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Victoria Moran is a certified life coach and holistic health counselor, a motivational speaker, and the author of ten books on well-being and practical spirituality. Learn more at where you can sign up for her free newsletter, “The Charmed Monday Minute.” Follow Victoria on Twitter (charmedlifelady) and Facebook (VictoriaMoranAuthor).

Christmas.jpgI took a class on mysticism the other night at The NY Open Center. The instructor was Jon Mundy, Ph.D., who publishes Miracles magazine. He had copies available — it’s wonderful — and one tiny article caught my eye. I reproduce it here for your Yuletide pondering:

Did You Know?
from Miracles, Nov./Dec. 2009
“An Old World custom decrees that all possible preparation for Christmas be completed by St.  Thomas Day, December 21. This allowed the final days of Advent to be given to preparing the heart, mind, and spirit, even by those responsible for the Christmas festivities.
“In the New World, the end of Advent is different. It is often frantic, for we are busy people. We often celebrate the birth of Christ in a flurry of doing and absence of reflecting. We greet Christmas Day with a sigh of relief that everything got done in time. Yet, if December 25th as a deadline is met successfully, so could December 21st or any other date. At the very least, we could set aside the last day before Christmas to remember why we celebrate, so that we might have something to give Him, along with the countless gifts we give others.
“It was in the quiet of night that the Word of God appeared. It is only quiet minds that can be open to this wonder; only quiet hands that can serve Him well; only quiet hearts that can offer Him the love that is His due.”
Photo credit: miss.bailey
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I just visited The Writers Room. It is a wonderful place where serious writers write lots and lots of real books: the evidence is on shelves when you walk in. I’m grateful that three professional contacts wrote me glowing recommendations and thrilled that I’ve been invited to join. But I don’t think I will.

It promises to be a quiet place for writers to work. And it is. The main writing room is large and dimly lit, and signs say to set phones and laptops to mute. (Can my laptop mute? I didn’t know.)
There’s a napping room, a typewriter room (I love it that that exists, although the woman giving me the tour said that it’s rarely used), a phone room (for phone interviews and checking messages), and a kitchen. And it’s in The Village, which to my way of thinking is the literary heart of this city and maybe of the English-speaking world. But I’m not sure it’s the place that I’d do my best writing.
I’ve been writing in cafes for a very long time. I can remember sitting at a table in Camdenton, Missouri, in 1989 and coming up with the opening lines of the first version of The Love-Powered Diet: “This is your fairy godmother speaking….” I sometimes write in my office and I sometimes write in libraries, but mostly I write in cafes because that energy — and the sights and the noise — translate into inspiration and come out as words. 

shamrock tattoo.jpg

Right now, for instance: I’m on an enclosed porch in a Starbucks at Astor Place (the photo shows you exactly where I am — right under the round Starbucks sign). I see Christmas lights and a lit-up billboard from The Gap with babies in red checked rompers and big, silly snow hats. There are beautiful people around me and if I needed a napkin or a synonym, I could ask one of them. Admittedly, it’s a little drafty and when my battery gets low I’ll have to move since I wasn’t able to score an outlet, but for this brief, shining moment, I’m lovin’ it. 
Before I met William, I dated a very nice man named Bob who, as he was approaching the subject of breaking up, said, “I just want peace and quiet.” And I said, “I’m just beginning to make noise.” I guess it boils down to knowing oneself. What do you need today to do what you came here to do? What inspires you? What makes you happy?
Photo credit: Shamrock Tattoo