amysimmer.jpg1. Watch seasonal movies. My favorites are Miracle on 34th Street (original version) and Elf

2. Make fudge — vegan, of course
3. Do an Advent calendar
4. Decorate! Yeah! Then have a party
5. Go look at all the store windows
6. Envision snow 
7. Shop carefully for what people really want at stores that have the holiday spirit
8. Do as many helpful things as possible — share, volunteer, end-of-year donations
9. See a seasonal production of “The Nutcracker” or “A Christmas Carol” or “Gift of the Magi”
10. Watch for Christmas to be born in your heart
What are your favorite Christmas-y things to do? Let’s trade.
Victoria Moran is a motivational speaker, the author of ten books, and a certified life coach and holistic health counselor. If you are interested in coaching and would like a free sample session, email and put “sample session” in the subject line.
Photo credit: AmySheaves
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