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Each night during the Islamic festival of Ramadan, faithful Muslims are allowed to break their day-long fast with festive meals, to which family, friends and neighbors are often invited. If you’re not Muslim, don’t worry — the Koran does not require fasting of …Read More

Twelve-year-old Nicholas Vossler knew what he needed after he was attacked by a shark off of Matagorda Island, Texas. “Mom,” the boy gasped as his stunned mom held him in her arms, “you need to start praying.” A tough sixth …Read More

Norway’s Anders Behring Breivik, who has confessed he carried out Friday’s bombing and murder spree at a youth camp — and published a 1,500-page “manifesto” on the internet before launching the bloodbath — faces a maximum prison sentence of 21 years. The death toll …Read More

With some very nice people across America absolutely convinced that President Obama is either a Communist or a Muslim — or perhaps both, this is refreshing. A Russian government-supported website, Russia Today, implies that Obama’s rise to power is due to his …Read More

Is it possible that a social activist being considered for Catholic sainthood underwent an abortion? Yes, writes Kathleen Gilbert on the LifeSiteNews website. “The Catholic Church considers abortion to be murder of an innocent human being, and an unspeakable evil,” …Read More

Campus Crusade for Christ has decided to make a major change — its name. In early 2012, reports the Internet website The Blaze, the multi-faceted para-church group will officially drop the name it has held for 60 years, replacing it with a …Read More

Toward the end of his testimony before the British Parliament Tuesday, Australian news mogul Rupert Murdoch was the target of a pie-in-the-face prankster — who promptly had the tables turned on him by the News Corporation chairman’s wife, Wendi. The dramatic …Read More

Five shrinking denominations generally regarded as “liberal” now have their own translation of the Bible. “There are a number of translations available for conservative churches,” spokesman Paul Franklyn told the Nashville Tennessean newspaper. Now, the liberal churches have theirs, the …Read More

A prominent Catholic professor says a New York Times attack on natural contraception is “very peculiar” and “completely uninformative.” Professor Janet Smith holds the Father Michael J. McGivney Chair of Life Ethics at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit. She is a consultor …Read More

By RON CSILLAG Religion News Service TORONTO — A majority-Muslim public school in Toronto is defending its policy of allowing an imam to lead Friday prayers in the cafeteria, saying students who leave school for prayers at a mosque typically don’t …Read More