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matthew currie astrology love and incompatabilityLove (and relationships in general) fuel a great deal of the work that a typical astrologer does. Personally, I think love is great. But you may have noticed that many great love stories in real life and up being, um, not-so-great by the end.

There is a certain basic truth to the otherwise overly-simplified Sun Sign Guides to love and romance. Regardless of how well two charts may work together, there is a specific kind of tension that comes with a Taurus and Leo relationship (for example) that is pretty hard to deny. Hey, no one is perfect so there can’t be any perfect relationships, right?

But if you have had two or more romantic relationships in your life, you know full well that there aren’t always happy endings. As a service to my readers who have taken the plunge into a relationship or are contemplating it with someone new, over the next two weeks or so entitled Astrology And (In)compatibility. Think of it as a complete guide to what won’t go horribly wrong this time!

If you had a relationship breakdown with any given Sign, I’m sure you will empathize with what the blog entry on that Sign has to say about it. If you read the blog entry for your own Sign, you may very well hear echoes of the complaints the other person had about you — that is, if you were listening or paying attention.

In the meantime, if you want to hear the good news about yourself and/or that other person you are falling for, feel free to click on the link below…

Aries    Leo    Sagittarius

Taurus    Virgo    Capricorn

Gemini   Libra   Aquarius

Cancer    Scorpio    Pisces

And to all of you, regardless of your Sun Sign; my apologies in advance. I’m sure that other than those few flaws, you are completely adorable all the time. So please… put the machete down, okay?

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