How to demonstrate value? Let’s answer that in a bit. Instead let’s first answer the question why is it important to demonstrate high value? Women want to be with someone who provides the best opportunity for survival and reproduction (i.e. having kids). Guys with high value show these qualities.

Back in caveman day the alpha male would get all the girls because he showed the best chance for survival and replication. He would display qualities such as being a leader, decision maker, having plenty of choices and therefore being choosy. Check out how to attract girls for more info on this.

Nowadays guys seem to think that girls can be shallow because they go for rich and successful guys who seem to have it all. The thing is can you blame them. As far as survival and replication go, on the surface of things, these guys definitely have the best opportunity and are therefore some of the most attractive to women.

Put yourself in a girls position. You are walking down the street and you see a guy who is driving down the road in a Ferrari. The girl is going to look at this guy and think certain thoughts without being able to control herself. Thoughts such as passion, determination, confidence, go getting attitude, leader, decision maker etc. All these are related to successful people.

Although all people who drive Ferrari’s won’t have all these characteristics, there is a good chance that most will. The thing is, in the end it doesn’t matter whether they have these characteristics or not. Women will perceive them to have these qualities and that is all that matters.


That was just an example of why having higher value makes you more attractive to women. There are other ways to demonstrate these qualities without the need to buy some fancy car.

How to demonstrate value? What you need to know is there are two main ways to demonstrate value. Direct and indirect. Both can be very effective in showing higher value.

Direct Demonstration of Higher Value

During an interaction with a girl you may come across an opportunity to let them know something about yourself. However this is definitely not about bragging. Going up to a girl and coming out with, “I have met Brad Pitt and we talked and it was really cool.” is not a great thing to do. Yeah it shows high value and it might work but there is a good chance they will just think you are just showing off to impress them.

Instead try to drop in stuff that fits into the conversation that sounds sincere. If you are talking about places you have been on holiday, mentioning you went and climbed a mountain in Snowdonia would be very cool indeed in a girls eyes.

Using stories to demonstrate higher value is a great way to get across that you are a very cool, fun, awesome guy to be around. You can show that you are a leader, decision maker, have plenty of options, etc with ease whilst telling stories. I will have to write an article on it in the near future to explain how this can be done as it really deserves an article all to itself.

The one problem with this method is that you can go overboard. Don’t keep trying to impress with stories because that can make you seem try hard or arrogant. You generally only need to demonstrate higher value a couple of times in an interaction.

Indirect Demonstration of Higher Value

This is all about demonstrating higher value without actually having to say a word. I think this is much more powerful method of showing value because the girl sees it for herself instead of having to be told. This includes the example of having a Ferrari. However you don’t need a nice car to show high value to women.

Things like going out with your friends and having a great time shows you are of high value because these people want to be around you. If they want to be around you then so will a girl. Also going out and approaching women shows you have high value. Approaching women on a night out shows many qualities. It shows you have confidence because you approached. It shows you are a decision makes cause you chose to approach and also that you have options because you can choose who to approach.

There are many others ways to show this type of value. You need to be careful when ever you are demonstrating skills not to act like a dancing monkey. If you perform a skill, make sure you do it once or maybe twice and that’s it. The good thing about this type of value is like I said the women see it first hand. Nothing more powerful than that. Also though, because it is natural you can just let it flow. You won’t come across as arrogant if you go overboard because you aren’t reeling it off. Talking about something is never as strong as seeing it in person.

So there you have it, now you know why we need to demonstrate value and also how to demonstrate value.

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