Are you feeling overdrawn, energetically burned out, or drained? Do you feel burdened, resentful, or taken advantage of?
The fact is our inner world creates our outer world. As difficult as it is to hear, we are too conscious to be victims. We have too much awareness to stay stuck.

What we are consciously or unconsciously creating shows up in every area of our life. So, if we are pulling away from people who love us, communities that support us, or activities that improve our well being, then we will see that pushback in all areas of our lives.

Everything is energy. What we give away, we get to keep. In contrast, what we withdraw from others actually boomerangs back on us and we begin to feel the deficit of our own creation.

But don’t worry, there’s good news. Through our awareness, we can course correct and make different choices.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help realign your life with your natural state of abundant overflow in health, relationships, and career opportunities.

Ask Yourself:

Question: Where am I withdrawing my love? Am I holding back in relationships out of resentment?
Tool tip: Let it go and notice your alignment and overflow of abundance of everything.

Question: Where am I holding on to resentment? Who do I have anger for? How is that affecting me?
Tool tip: Decide to forgive. Make a list of people to apologize to for being upset. One by one, let go of ego and contact them to make an amends. It is to help you move forward, not them—so let go of attachment to their response, even if it isn’t perfect.

Question: Where can I serve with my talents, skills and abilities?
Tool tip: Anytime we feel a lack, it is because we are going to get not showing up to give. Pick a population that needs your help and volunteer for a few hours a week

Question: Where can I give?
Tool tip: Give 10 percent of your income to a charity or cause of your choice. This is totally optional. But you will feel fulfilled—and remember—you have to give to receive. If you can’t afford to give anything monetarily, consider giving some of your time (see above step) instead.

Some of my favorites are Red CrossHumane Societies, and the Trevor Project.

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