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It seems that many men these days believe dates fall into one of three categories: Restaurant A movie A few drinks in a bar Boring! A first date needs to be memorable in order to set you apart from other …Read More

Does it ever feel lonely being a man? Is it difficult dealing with the demands of the whole world resting upon your shoulders? I hope you’ve got wide shoulders. Not only is a man supposed to be a great lover …Read More

The friends, and family of the person you’re dating are significant in her evaluation of you. Their opinion of you, will help shape her impression of you. Getting along with her friends and family, means being further integrated into her …Read More

Breaking up is always hard, but breaking up with someone who you really and truly still love is harder still. If you find yourself in the situation where you need to know how to break up with someone you love – there …Read More

Infidelity aside, there are a myriad of reasons marriages crash. Whether married forty years or dating forty days, all couples have the potential to grow apart. Most get stuck in unfulfilling relationships for practical reasons: they stay for the kids, …Read More

Guys, this is directed completely towards you. From the type of comments that I have been receiving from you, it appears that you forget that I’m a man just like you. You also don’t realize that I understand what many …Read More

I don’t believe in any texting rules, but I believe there’s some guidelines to consider. Lets be clear, texting doesn’t replace full length conversations. They are great for communicating, but someone who requires a phone call will never be satisfied …Read More

Shy guys — most of these men believe they have a far inferior status when it comes to dating. Truth be told: While there are plenty of women who enjoy chasing the bad guys, there are other women who actually …Read More

Clubbing is the fast food version of dating. There often isn’t an opportunity to know a person with great detail; you’re often menu shopping. Most, if not all of the decisions about a person at a club is based on …Read More