It seems that many men these days believe dates fall into one of three categories:

  • Restaurant
  • A movie
  • A few drinks in a bar


A first date needs to be memorable in order to set you apart from other potential suitors, and let’s face it…you’re not going to stand out with the predictable dinner date and movie routine.

So to help you plan for a date that a girl will remember long after it’s over, I’ve listed a few suggestions.

Focus on the Conversation

On a first date you need to focus on the conversation. That definitely means no trip to the movies. There’s no way that you can talk whilst watching a film without annoying people sitting nearby.

Dinner isn’t always the best option either. Some women are a little bit self-conscious about their dining habits….including the foods they order and the way they eat.

Instead of sitting down watching each other chew food, a good first date should provide plenty of chances for interaction and cater for the interests of your date.

Do Something She’s Interested in

This is a nice gesture, especially on a first date as it shows that you’ve taken a little time to find out about her interests.

If you don’t know her too well, check out her blog or Facebook page. Read through her favourites to see what sort of things she likes doing. If she asks you how you came up with the idea, it’s best to be honest and say something like, ‘I saw on your Facebook page that you’re interested in (insert activity),’ and leave it at that – you don’t want to look like a stalker.

Do Something Original and Unique

Unique and original dates not only make great conversation, but they are also more exciting. Take a cooking class. Play crazy golf. Go to an interesting art gallery or museum.

The main idea is to actually get out and do something. Too many men have the idea that a date has to be passive, but taking her on an active date will be much more memorable.

Dinner Dating

If you really want a dinner date, instead of going to a restaurant, save a little money and cook something at home.

Remember that cooking is manly – some of the best chef’s in the world are men! Don’t know how to cook? Then why not learn a new skill? If you have patience and know how to read then cooking shouldn’t be too much trouble. Pick up a cookbook from your local book shop and get cooking!

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