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How to tell if a guy isn’t into you. There are certain things guys say and do that are reliable indicators that they’re not interested in whatever it is you wish they were interested in, whether it’s a date or a serious …Read More

I’m seeing a theme among the thousands of questions that I am getting from you. They all go something like this: “My guy never calls but says it’s because he’s really busy and blah blah blah…” “A guy I like …Read More

Ok, so you’ve been dating your guy for a bit and you have a hunch the two of you are about to get nekkid, perhaps even on your next date. First of all, congrats — sex is fun. You’ll enjoy …Read More

You just got dumped, and you’re devastated. You never saw it coming. Or maybe you did the dumping, and now you feel like a monster for breaking someone’s heart. The tears won’t stop. You feel worthless. The whole world is …Read More

Everyone and their Grandma seem to be texting these days, seeing how it’s almost impossible to find a phone that doesn’t have a full keyboard.  When you have something simple and quick to say, for example, “Look I’m sorry I …Read More

We’ve all met them. They’re annoying, obnoxious,  have the potential to ruin your night.. and of course induce a wicked case of blue balls. That’s right, I’m talking about cock blocks, and they come in many forms. Some are crazy exes, …Read More

One day you will look at your significant other and think: “Moving in together is the next logical step, right?” And it is. Cohabitating is generally the only way to figure out whether you can stand being together for the …Read More