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You know what I like? Irony. It’s funny and somehow seems to bring a little justice to an otherwise chaotic seeming world. What kind of irony you ask? Oh, I don’t know, irony to me is a Greenpeace activist being …Read More

Well with schools years beginning to come to a close around the country it didn’t take the ACLU long to sniff out another example of theocratic tyranny in the form of a 70 yr old tradition in Ocean Grove New …Read More

You know it’s a funny thing about me, but whenever I need some incredible insight and wisdom about living my life I normally turn to Hollywood don’t you? For example, having been married now for 18 years I am always …Read More

Ok here’s the deal. Nobody and I mean nobody is interested in your personal phone calls. It’s like people feel compelled to use their cell phone in public simply because it’s in their pocket! For example, when you get on …Read More

There was a protest I read about by women who felt that the law that only allows men to walk around in public with their shirts off is a sexist idea. The protest consisted of women holding placards while topless …Read More