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You know what I like? Irony. It’s funny and somehow seems to bring a little justice to an otherwise chaotic seeming world. What kind of irony you ask? Oh, I don’t know, irony to me is a Greenpeace activist being eaten by a whale or a vegetarian that’s allergic to compost.
Speaking of caca, one concept that has been glaringly ironic to me in the past few years is how often those agenda driven, “green” propaganda demanded, social behavior modification laws that have been shoved down the rest of our collective throats has actually accomplished the opposite of there intended result.
Toilet flushing is one of those classics! How could anyone possibly mess that up and yet, leave it to the naturalist to ironically never see the forest for the trees. Have you noticed ever since these now 50 something ex-hippies, who traded their free love and drugs to become government bureaucrats started implementing the less water volume flush toilet, how often our toilets are getting plugged now?
Quick tip Moon Unit, anything you want the public to embrace shouldn’t come with an inordinate amount of un-flushable waste product!
Somehow it just doesn’t convince us of its practicality. Nowadays I find myself constantly having to hold down the toilet handle extra long to ensure a mini-Niagara amount of water gets driven down the toilet bowl in order to keep me from fetching the plunger for the umpteenth time.
Folks I could barely change my kids diapers without gagging so trust me this is not an experience that in any way endears me with mother nature.
The irony again though is that I am now using even more water than I used to when toilets flushed with the amount of water we used to use and that apparently was needed all along so the toilets would work right! Some things just need to be left alone.
Of course this is consistent with the new $40.00 light bulbs that generate less light and are shaped like my lower intestine apparently to remind me that the toilet needs plunging.

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