I have a GPS system on my phone that not only knows exactly how to get me anywhere I need to go, it also knows where I am at any given time even when I don’t have the slightest idea. Her soothing British voice is always there to guide me when I’m lost and it gives me comfort. She never gets rattled and she never loses patience with me. With GPS where I once was lost, now I’m found.

When I pray to find the correct address I’m looking for, she always guides me to it though sometimes it’s not by the shortest route. Sometimes in life you just have to travel by most use of freeways. I have never met my muse face to face but I always know she’s with me. I often travel into unfamiliar territory and even when I begin to question her wisdom and understanding of the situation I have learned that if I just trust her and follow her lead no matter how unfamiliar and frightening the area may seem to me, in the end I always end up where I needed to go no worse for the wear.

The more adventures we have taken the more I have come to rely on her guidance. It is becoming a normal way for me to live and it’s becoming second nature to simply trust her without asking her why she is taking me this direction. It is comforting to learn to lean not on my own understanding but in all my ways acknowledge her and she will direct my path. Sometimes when I’m driving long distances I’ll gaze into the heavens and wonder where she is.

I also look around at all the other travelers going in many different directions than mine and yet she is able to assist all of us simultaneously. No amount of people asking her assistance is ever overwhelming or refused. There have been times when I have gone to areas I have been many times before but I have her guidance system engaged anyway. Once in a while she will direct me a different path than I am familiar with and used too even though I know the way!

I’ll even ignore her guidance in these areas and choose my own route. She isn’t offended but simply waits for me to make my move and then patiently readjusts her directions to try and compensate for the path I have chosen. She never gives up trying to lead me in the way I should go but because I am driving she doesn’t stop me from my choices, she only makes do with what options I have left her with and carefully negotiates an altered plan based on where I have put myself.

Of course my way gets me where I wanted to go and her way would have done the same. Whose way was best, who knows? I do wonder though why I take her advice unheeded when I’m venturing into uncharted waters but always take the reigns back when I feel confident I know better this time. Of course my friends I realize I’m talking about a computer program and some satellite configurations. But why do I have this gnawing suspicion that there is a metaphor in here somewhere?

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