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You know it’s a funny thing about me, but whenever I need some incredible insight and wisdom about living my life I normally turn to Hollywood don’t you? For example, having been married now for 18 years I am always searching for relationship experience from others in the hopes of receiving advice for continuing to maintain a healthy commitment to my spouse.
Fortunately for me I stumbled across a beautiful statement from Cameron Diaz last week. In a magazine interview when asked about marriage she said that she believes marriage is a “dying institution”. She also had this stunning insight into how we as a culture should lead our life. “I think we have to make our own rules. I don’t think we should live our lives in relationships based off of old traditions that don’t suit our world any longer”.
First off coming from the Hollywood elite hedonistic driven culture this revelation had to be a big blow to the gay community. Here they are spending all their energy trying to be able to get married, a concept supported by 90% of Hollywood, only to find out from that same community that marriage is dying!
Dang, just when they thought they were making progress they get the rug pulled out from under them by discovering that marriage from a Hollywood perspective is outdated. Kind of like going to the store for the latest I-phone and all they have left is lava lamps.
I love the phrase “don’t suit our world anymore”. To have the comfort of knowing that with all the struggles on earth these days, at least we can rest in the knowledge that Cameron Diaz, like a vanguard, is diligent in tapping into the pulse of the culture and relaying that info to whomever is interviewing her about her latest movie. You will find that people who choose not to live a God mandated moral standard for life will also promote changing the rules so as not to be responsible to God at all, but ultimately they blame the “culture’.
The fact that she is 39 and not married, in a relationship with Alex Rodriguez who is richer than she will ever be, and who will be finished with her shortly only to move on to his next conquest should give her POV substance since it will end exactly as her philosophy dictates. One constant with men ladies is this, when we get what we want without having to promise to love, cherish, honor and protect you then you can count on this…we won’t.
I love it when people espouse the concept of relativism as a philosophy and then are shocked when they have been “betrayed”. For example, since Cameron believes that we “make our own rules” then one wonders if she would support Alex’s “rule” if it meant having sex with as many other woman as he can get his hands on while dating her? Arnold Schwarzenegger just admitted to fathering a child 10 years ago. Apparently one of his “rules” was many woman, no birth control.
Poor Cameron doesn’t realize that her progressive, empowering new “rules” are simply the original old rules Satan established along time ago. “I will be like God”. The truth is marriage isn’t dead. Christian driven morals are. There are still many people, like myself, that believe marriage is a sacred institution and Holy. I don’t stay married because the government tells me to, or society for that matter. I stay married because God ordained it and demanded that type of commitment. Ironically Hollywood continues to make romantic films that always end with the couple living “happily ever after” in a loving married commitment to each other. Looks like Cameron is going to have to make some new choices in her acting career to be consistent with her “rules”. Hope she doesn’t plan on making the 4th Shrek , apparently he’s still married!

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