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Hello.  This is Day 30 of my 30 Tips to start your New Year.  Of course, it’s only a beginning!  You don’t need the beginning of a new year to make resolutions to be healthy and happy.  I suggest you …Read More

Do you forget from Who and where everything in life comes from?  It comes from God.  Do you forget the good things you have, and about the good things that you are?  You are very worthy of some recognition, being …Read More

There’s a new study that came out about calorie restriction and improved memory recently in the National Academy of Sciences, take a look. This is a small study, only 50 men and women, all over 50, for only three months.  …Read More

Just as we humans are made up of a lot of different parts, our digestive system is too.   If we don’t use every part of ourselves, we short-change ourselves from experiences and opportunities.  Just like in digestion if we …Read More

Yesterday I wrote about cutting your portion in half immediately when served at restaurants and taking it home.  Eat the remaining half very slowly, and enjoy every bite, along with the atmosphere and your companion’s company.  Then take the other …Read More

Please do not think that if you are trying to lose weight you can never eat out.  The trick is when dining at a restaurant, make healthier choices and immediately cut the portion in half and ask the server to …Read More

A lot of people are looking at life dramas these days.  President Obama wants “no drama,”  and Mary K. Blige says “No More Dramas” in her song by the same title. Are you in the middle of a drama?  Is …Read More

I wrote about the importance of relationships the other day.  I said that I have noticed that when people are getting enough love and affection, they tend to have less problems with excess weight and health.  Happy people have fewer …Read More

One of my new favorite foods is hummus.  That wonderful combination of pureed chick peas, tahini and various flavors. A tablespoon of the magical Middle Eastern delicacy is only about 30 calories, about 12 of those from fat (the unsaturated …Read More

I know from working with many weight loss clients, individually and in groups, helping with diet, nutrition, exercise, emotions and spiritual practices – that a lot of overweight and obesity problems are greatly relieved through relationships.  If you’re happy and …Read More