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Just as we humans are made up of a lot of different parts, our digestive system is too.  

If we don’t use every part of ourselves, we short-change ourselves from experiences and opportunities.  Just like in digestion if we don’t allow each part of the process enough time, we short-change the process and end up with indigestion, or overeating.

Our digestive system begins with our senses, our nose and eyes.  When we see or smell food, it makes us hungry, we salivate and set the system in motion.  Take the time to really appreciate your food with your eyes and nose, first!  (After a moment of silence thanking your Creator for the meal, first of all.)

Next, chew everything thoroughly and savor the flavor.  If you take small bites and chew very very slowly, your digestive system has a chance to fully work.  Thoroughly chewed food makes it easier on the esophagus, stomach and intestines.  There’s less stomach acid required to break down the food, too. That’s why I recommend you eat very slowly, chewing each bite 15 times.

Also, when you eat very slowly and chew each bite thoroughly, you will automatically eat less.  Less food, more energy, pounds shed.  Not to mention joy, happiness, and connection.

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