Yesterday I wrote about cutting your portion in half immediately when served at restaurants and taking it home.  Eat the remaining half very slowly, and enjoy every bite, along with the atmosphere and your companion’s company.  Then take the other half home and have it tomorrow for another meal.  Restaurant sizes are huge these days; you’ll hardly notice you’re eating less.

Today I’m writing about eating at home, where you can do the same thing too – cut your portions in half.  Instead of having a huge plate of food, have a half.  Instead of eating a whole container of food, have half and save the rest, and save money too.  Have half a sandwich with a cup (not a bowl) of soup.  Eat your meal slowly over 15-20 minutes, and you’ll be amazed how little food it takes to really feel full.

If halving your portions still leaves you a little hungry after waiting, have another serving of vegetables, instead of meat or carbohydrates.

Another great practice is to get into the habit of writing a grocery list of the week, planning a few meals in advance, shopping prudently, then doubling the amount you cook.  Try making a spicy winter pot of chili, pot roast, or hearty fish stew or chowder.  When you cook ahead of time for several meals, it ultimately saves you a lot of time and cleanup, and you can have something made just the way you like it.

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