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Please do not think that if you are trying to lose weight you can never eat out.  The trick is when dining at a restaurant, make healthier choices and immediately cut the portion in half and ask the server to put it in a take-out container for your lunch or dinner tomorrow.

Cutting portion sizes and taking half with you will give you two meals, help your budget, and also keep you within your Joy of Weight Loss Food Plan.

Picking healthier foods will help you lose weight, too.  Choose broiled, grilled, steamed or baked instead of deep-fat fried or butter sautéed.  Have less meat and more vegetables.  Have none or fewer carbs like limiting bread and baked-sweets, and eating more fruits.  Wine and drinks with alcohol have lots of sugar and calories, but I’m only saying limit those, not delete them.  You have heard all of this before, but this time things are different!

Times are new, now, because we’re giving ourselves comfort and joy in ways other than eating.  We’re moving and playing.  We’re relating and having fun times with family and friends.  We’re saving money and cooking at home more.  We’re dancing for joy!

We just don’t need those huge restaurant portions to feel good and have fun, do we?  Thank God things are different now.

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