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A lot of people are looking at life dramas these days.  President Obama wants “no drama,”  and Mary K. Blige says “No More Dramas” in her song by the same title.

Are you in the middle of a drama?  Is life full of tension, stress, anger and/or angst?  I find the best way to alleviate personal drama is to see and experience someone else’s – if only for a moment and better yet, a dramatization.  I’m talking about freeing yourself from your own drama into a movie drama.  You might then be able to see your life dramas as not being so intense or hard.

When I was in my early 20’s, I was really enmeshed in my own drama.  School wasn’t going well, I was working too hard, I didn’t have many friends, not to mention any girlfriend.  I weighed a lot, and my pounds were dramatically dangerous, all 400 or so of them.  One day I was on the phone to my Mom, telling her my problems, confiding that I felt so bad I was almost suicidal, and she just said outright, “honey, why not go to a good movie and get your mind off all of it?”  That was a really great, loving suggestion.  I went to see “Dog Day Afternoon” starring Al Pacino.  Thanks Mom, that idea saved me.

Seeing the story of some down-and-out desperate characters, and how they tried to rob a bank to feel better about their “financial situation” (whoa, bad idea, huh?) really got me out of feeling down about myself.  It was like my whole chain of thought was suddenly sidelined, which brought me a great sense of perspective.

Being completely immersed in the movie’s drama; having my own drama temporarily postponed later allowed me some perspective.  Things were not nearly as bad in my life as in those bank robbers’.

If you’re feeling down, if you’ve got the winter blues, consider stepping out of your drama into some fictional screen drama – if only for a couple of hours.

Does this idea ring a bell with you?  Have you seen any good movies lately or been helped by the movies?  Please write up a comment and share your dramatic experiences with our fellow readers.  I recommend two movies I’ve seen recently:  “The Wrestler,” and “Slumdog Millionaire.”  They are both highly dramatic, very entertaining, and are sure to take your mind to new places.  It might even be cathartic for you!

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