I wrote about the importance of relationships the other day.  I said that I have noticed that when people are getting enough love and affection, they tend to have less problems with excess weight and health.  Happy people have fewer problems in general, so why not get happy?

In the spirit of loving relationships, I want to suggest that you kindle an old friendship today.  Contact a friend who you have not seen or spoken with for a long time.  Social networking websites are a great way to easily get in touch with past friends as a first step.

Enter a few names of people you once knew, or went to school with.  Enter the names of your school, church, or organization you once went to.  You may be surprised what comes up.

Just write a sentence or two, asking how they are doing, and what’s been happening.  Or you might mention some really funny thing that happened to the two of you.  Tell them a sentence or two about what’s new in your life.

I’ve recently joined Facebook, and am hearing from lots of friends from long ago and it’s pretty wonderful.  Also, the Beliefnet community pages are full of great people who share some common, spiritual interests that you may also enjoy.

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