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There’s a new study that came out about calorie restriction and improved memory recently in the National Academy of Sciences, take a look.

This is a small study, only 50 men and women, all over 50, for only three months.  One group ate what they usually ate, but in smaller portions (about 30% less).  The second group ate the same things in the same amounts and were also asked to add extra unsaturated fats, while a third group made no changes.

The first group, eating less, had 20% better memory, in verbal tests.  The scientists conducting the study theorize that less food intake reduces insulin levels, and also affects high sensitive c-protein reactive levels which assist memory cells in the brain.

Here’s another article about it in the New York Times.

So, another indication that eating less helps with weight loss and memory, too.

Be sure to remember to eat less, and you’ll remember better.

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