Do you forget from Who and where everything in life comes from?  It comes from God.  Do you forget the good things you have, and about the good things that you are?  You are very worthy of some recognition, being from God yourself!

I recommend reminding yourself of Who you belong to, and believe in praising God and the good person you are on a regular basis.

Why not make a praise-list right now, and post it on your refrigerator?  Every time you go to open the refrigerator door you can make some joyful praises to God and remember the good graces you enjoy.

I’m not kidding!  Get a Post-It and jot down a list of what you are grateful and appreciative of, about God, and about you.  Post it on the refrigerator, right next to the handle so you’ll see it every time.

Then, take a moment to read that list – even read it aloud, every time you are about to eat.  Feeling a little joy and happiness goes a long way to feeling satisfied, and perhaps you will eat less then, too.


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