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Hello.  This is Day 30 of my 30 Tips to start your New Year.  Of course, it’s only a beginning!  You don’t need the beginning of a new year to make resolutions to be healthy and happy.  I suggest you resolve to be healthy and happy all day, every day.

If there’s one tip for losing weight, staying healthy and finding true, infinite happiness it is this: Keep God at the center of your life through constant prayer and daily worship.

We humans are full of paradoxes and inconsistencies!    We have lots of internal functions going on, like nerves firing, muscles expanding and contracting, digestive processes, brain processing – and we’re not even aware of it all. The mind may say one thing, but the body does just the opposite, as in the case of eating from hunger verses habits, or feeding the stomach when feeling emotions.

Unlike us, and our restless lives, God is a constant.  We oscillate and vacillate, always shifting balances, seeking balance.  God is in the center, always stable and solid. God is in us, with us, is us.  We think we’re on our own, and apart from God, frequently forgetting who and what we truly are.  We forget to center on God, and while drifting away we think that everything’s all up to us:  that’s when trouble occurs because we just can’t do everything, we’re not conscious enough or powerful enough.  God is necessary, because we’re limited.

So, if you believe, believe you me: we are alive to seek God and remember Him.  Being God-centered at the center of your being will always be the best place to be.  God is our center and point of origin; our starting point for reuniting with our True Spiritual Self and the ending point of our problems and separation from God.

I hope these 30 days of weight loss and well being tips have been helpful to you.  This is not the end; quite the contrary, this is the beginning!  We begin where we started, with God at the center of all, and of us.

Please make me very very happy and post a comment, telling me and our readers how the start to your new year has been these first 30 days or so.  Have you lost some weight?  Have you changed any ideas or behaviors?

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