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Being an entrepreneur has become glamorized in our new high tech era of Silicon Valley startups like Facebook, Google and Apple. But the reality of owning a business is starkly different than what most people think.

In fact, owning your own business is one of the most stressful things you can embark on in life. Its more than just a job or a career. Being a business owner can take over your entire life.

Stress isn’t just about having a better lifestyle, although that should also be a top priority for you. It can also have significant impacts on your business and productivity.

Here are some helpful ways to reduce stress where you can as a business owner. These tactics ubiquitous no matter if you own a fancy tech startup in California or a retail gift store on Main Street.

Cash is King
The number one reason most businesses fail is that they run out of cash. Even businesses that are profitable with growing sales can easily slip into bankruptcy because they don’t manage their cash flow well.

The best way to navigate economic downturns, be able to invest in growth opportunities and stay in business through the many inflection points of any venture, is to maintain a healthy level of cash.

What keeps many business owners at night is how they’re going to pay their creditors, buy inventory for the next cycle, and how they’re going to make payroll at the end of the week. Those are all cash problems. Learn how to manage cash flow and you will significantly reduce a major cause of stress for most businesses.

Hire Well
One of the biggest costs to any business is not hiring well. In fact, a recent study suggested losing an employee can cost anywhere from 16-21% of the employee’s annual salary.

That means if you hire a full-time employee for your retail shop and they make $25,000 a year, it would cost you $4,000 to lose that person. There is a high cost to turnover in our economy.

One of the best ways to not lose employees is to hire them well to begin with. Every business owner should have a standard hiring practice that includes triggers for potential red flags.

For example, if you own a retail store, construction company or any other business that employs any kind of labor, you should consider including a drug test as a standard hiring practice.

Serhat Pala, the resident drug testing expert at Test Country, says urine drug tests are still the most popular. That is because it’s noninvasive like getting a blood test. It’s also super cheap and easy to administer.

Even a simple process like a drug test would eliminate an entire pool of potential bad hires, saving you thousands of dollars in employee turnover costs. It would also considerably reduce the potential liabilities of having a drug addict work in your organization.

There are a host of other ways to hire well, including getting referrals from quality employees, a candidate’s longevity and loyalty to previous employers and including a trial period where an employee has to prove himself to keep the position. These simple steps can alleviate people management stress quite considerably.

Take Time Off
For most business owners, this is much easier said than done. Most owners work 16-hour days, 7-days a week. This is especially true in the retail industry.  One of the biggest factors of stress is lack of rest, lack of sleep and lack of taking recreational time. A simple day off each week can do wonders for your sleep, and your productivity.  It doesn’t even need to be an entire day, if that is too much of a stretch for you. Take baby steps in taking rest.

Recent research has shown that even small breaks can have an enormous impact on your stress levels and your productivity. Merely things like taking a walk, napping, or sleeping a full night, can have a significant impact on your stress, productivity and ultimately, your business.

For as long as humans have been alive, we have looked to the moon for significance. We can see mentions of the moon in the Bible, for example. In addition, in Greek mythology, the moon was always considered feminine. In fact, Selene, considered the Titan goddess of the moon, is clearly meant to be a symbol of strength for women, and she was attributed the power to ease childbirth, as well as facilitate love.

The moon has also been important to fishermen for centuries, as they attempt to navigate the waters and make sure that they are fishing at the right place, at the right time. In fact, John Alden Knight developed the solunar theory, which hypothesized that animals (including fish) move according to the moon’s location. Although it was developed in 1926, many believe that this theory was used for centuries before by all sorts of hunters and fishermen, and it is still utilized to this day, as well.

We have been able to understand how the moon’s gravitational forces cause tide in the oceans, but does the moon really affect the sleep of human beings? While there are some that might dismiss the significance of the moon, there are others that insist that the moon does play a role in how much humans are able to sleep.

There are some that might consider this more “common sense”-oriented , but the truth is that there is actual scientific evidence that a full moon affects sleep. Of course, a full moon usually means a brighter night sky, but to some – they might believe that the effect on humans is minimal. However, according to a 2013 study, full moons do affect sleep in adult humans. The study involved 33 adults and shows clear evidence that adults have a harder time falling asleep during a full moon.

Your body might also be playing a trick on you. We all know that our body is complex, and has evolved over time to make sure that humans are best-adapted to our environment. The idea is that since the full moon is more illuminating than usual, your body might believe that it needs less sleep – which, in turn, leads to less sleep.

Of course, for those who believe in astrology, your sleep will clearly be affected by the moon, because astrology might be affecting your emotions overall. For example, your astrological sign might mean that you have too much energy to sleep during a certain time of the year, or that your dreams will affect your sleep.

There are many reasons to consider purchasing moonphase watches. You might simply be interested in the moon, or want to consider time in the same way that human beings did in ancient times. For those who fish, perhaps a watch such as this might mean increased productivity, and even profit. Of course, it also might simply make a perfect gift for those who are interested in astrology, or simply intrigued by the moon in general.

Despite dreaming being such a normal occurrence, scientists are still trying to figure out its true purpose. Although there are quite a few different theories, scientists have yet to agree on one that would explain why we dream. Since they can’t even agree on the purpose of dreams, there are many who are skeptical about their healing power. There are those who think dreaming is simply a byproduct of evolution that has no benefit and merely represents an unintended consequence of sleep.

On the other hand, some scientists decided to dedicate their lives to learning how to understand dreams and use them for healing purposes. More specifically, they believe dreams represent a tool that can help us overcome mental health problems. Of course, you’ll rarely get an epiphany or actually figure out a solution to a problem you’re facing from a dream if you just go to sleep and wish an answer will come to you.

In order to experience this healing power, you will need to learn how to be self aware in the dream-world. This practice is commonly referred to as lucid dreaming. If you’ve never practiced this before, then you most likely don’t have the ability to make your own decisions in dreams. However, when you learn the art of lucid dreaming, you will know when you’re dreaming and you will have the ability to control what happens.

Although this may sound like a fairytale to some, lucid dreaming has been proven numerous times. In fact, it has a rich history in Asia, since Tibetan monks have been practicing this for thousands of years. Only recently have people all across the globe realized the power of this practice and started implementing it into their daily lives.

While some people may be thinking that they don’t even dream most nights, this is actually not the case. Typically, you experience three to seven dreams every night. Nevertheless, in most cases you forget them almost instantly. That’s why the first step towards learning how to lucid dream is to keep a journal and write down what you dreamt about. Do this every time you wake up and try to remember as many details as possible.

Since it’s hard to control your dreams at first, you will first need to learn how to know when you’re dreaming. You can do this by doing reality checks like checking the time or reading a sentence, which is incredibly hard to do while you’re dreaming. That’s why you should make it a habit to regularly do reality checks while you’re awake until they become your second nature and you start doing them while you’re dreaming. The next time you’re trying to fall asleep, simply think about a recent dream you had and think about being self aware in the same setting this time. If you’re start dreaming do a reality check and if that works, you’ll start becoming lucid. Of course, you should also research some other techniques to help you with lucid dreaming.

Once you master the art of lucid dreaming, you will be able to overcome many issues you’re facing. For example, if you have problems with confidence you can go through numerous scenarios that would normally make you uncomfortable and practice until you become comfortable. Lucid dreaming can help you even if you have a phobia.

Scientists are now figuring out that lucid dreaming can even be used to treat serious conditions like post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). One of the main problems that people suffer from PTSD experience are the recurring nightmares. But when you’re in control of your dreams, you’re able to change its context or simply wake up if you don’t want to experience it.

Despite the fact that it may sound too good to be true, lucid dreaming is a proven practice that can help you overcome many problems. Nevertheless, it’s going to take some serious commitment on your part if you want to master this practice.

You’ve probably heard that it’s important to look on the bright side and not worry too much, especially when you’re going through a hard time. But to people who usually think negatively, constant positivity sounds almost made up. Nevertheless, by learning how to focus on positive thinking, you will greatly improve your quality of life. After all, your happiness is dependent on you staying positive.

In case you have too many negative thoughts, your brain will start creating stress and feelings of sadness. On the other hand, positivity will help you relax and be happy. Although it may sound easy and simple to just start thinking positively, it actually isn’t. This is not something that you can change overnight, and it will require a lot of hard work and dedication.

Understanding Self-Talk

In order to get into the practice of positive thinking you’ll first need to understand self-talk. This is something that you do naturally while you’re awake. It’s extremely important because your thoughts represent the source of your mood and emotions. This is why positive thinking usually starts with learning how to control your thoughts.

Positive thinking doesn’t mean that you should ignore when something bad happens to you and just hope that things will get better. It’s more so approaching every challenge with a positive mindset. If you can master positive self-talk, you’ll start being a more productive, motivated, and confident person.

Being Aware of Your Negative Feelings and Thoughts

People who practice positive thinking never run from their negative feelings or push down negative thoughts. Instead, they learn how to deal with them. The first step to doing this is to completely be aware of your negative thoughts and feeling. Pay attention to exactly what it is that you’re feeling and label them. Understand that negativity is also a normal part of life and that you should never let it control you.

Health Benefits of Positive Thinking

It’s amazing how something you have complete control over like your way of thinking can improve your quality of life. This is the reason why you should instantly start working on becoming a more positive person. Here are some of the most impressive health benefits associated with positive thinking.

Strengthened Immune System

You’re probably already aware of the strong connection your mind has on your body. The condition of your immune system is influenced by your thoughts and emotions. In case you’re constantly going through negative thoughts and emotions your immunity will become weakened. However, your body will actually be in a much better condition to keep illnesses at bay if you practice positive thinking.

Reduced Stress Levels

It’s no secret that you will have to deal with a lot of stress if you focus on negativity and expect the worst case scenario in every situation you find yourself in. One of the main reasons why most people tend to become stressed is because they focus on things that they can’t change. When faced with a difficult situation, it’s important to figure out a way to resolve the problem as soon as possible. Don’t be scared to ask for some assistance from other people, as this may help everything get resolved quicker.

Keeping your stress levels low is extremely important for maintaining proper health. Keep in mind that chronic stress can lead to very serious health problems including heart disease, depression, obesity, high blood pressure, anxiety, and skin problems.

Stronger Relationships

Your way of thinking has a huge influence on your relationships with other people. When you practice positivity, you’ll start feeling more thankful for everything in your life, including the people around you. When you start expressing these types of thoughts and feelings and let them know how much you love and appreciate them, your relationships will start becoming stronger.