Workplace culture and the benefits offered by the company are just as important to modern employees as the size of their salary.

Things like having friendly co-workers, the attitude and behavior of the employer and the number of vacation days all play a role in this equation.

Most importantly, you must find agreeable ways to navigate religion at work and below we have some helpful tips from experienced workers on how to do just that:

Discuss Your Religious Needs with Your Employee

First things first; let your soon-to-be employee know what your religious needs are before you actually accept the job offer and make sure they understand the accommodations you’ll require as a result.

Should any issues arise with HR, you’ll be able to circle back to this initial conversation. For instance, you may need to go over the calendar year to let them know how many Fridays you’ll need to work half-days on due to Sabbath, for example.

Or you might need to take a longer lunch break on Fridays to observe Muslim prayer time.

Stand for What You Believe

If your religion is truly important to you, then you shouldn’t have to make concessions or exceptions to your religious beliefs due to the culture of your workplace.

While it might seem like the path of least resistance at first, it will eventually lead to unnecessary challenges in the future.

This is especially important if you want others to take you seriously, you must be willing to stand for what you believe in and show up for it every day.

Share Your Faith If You Want

Don’t be shy to be yourself at work and if you’re passionate about your religion, then that means that you should be open about sharing that with others.

Don’t be ashamed of who you are, and if your religion requires a certain way of dress then you should embrace that if it connects you to your religion in a meaningful way.

But, it’s totally okay if you want to keep your faith to yourself as well.

Work for a Company That Supports You

If you want to succeed in any profession, you must ensure that the company you’re working for is one that you enjoy being a part of.

This is where company culture comes in and you want to make sure that yours is inclusive and doesn’t discriminate on the basis of religion.

Be Creative

Your employer will greatly appreciate it if you come up with solutions to any issues that you might be experiencing around integrating your religion with your place in the company culture.

For instance, if you must take some time off due to a religious holiday, then you should also bring to your boss ways in which you plan to make up for the time missed.

You may have to spend more time at work beforehand to complete any and all outstanding projects. or you may need to ask a fellow colleague to cover for you.

Also, check out TAAS stock review if you work as a day trader to help you work remotely or to get as much work done as possible in preparation for your leave.

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