Kids are vulnerable and many will take advantage of this. The cases of child abuse are rising throughout the world, which could be from their parents or strangers. Kids are naturally innocent and open to suggestions. This lays them wide open to good and bad influences.

Most parents are concerned about the welfare of their children. If they are raised in a Godly home, they are taught from an early age that there is a great spiritual benefactor who watches over them.

Some people harm innocent children

If you have teenagers in the home, you will obviously need to know where they are and who they are associating with. This is where the phone tracker app can help. You should let your children know that the app is downloaded. Children from a Godly home will have a moral sense of right and wrong, but this doesn’t stop people outside from harming them.

You can download the app from to be aware of the internet usage tracking, location and phone conversations that are being archived. The kids should know this and hopefully, this will make them more careful about where they go and who they meet. They may not like this, but it is for their own good.

Spiritual needs greater

The spiritual needs of children are in many respects greater than that of adults. Their foundation is being laid, especially from a tender age to about 16. This grounding is essential for the path they walk throughout life.

In the pre-teenage years, they need strong spiritual input from their parents and their church congregation. This will make them aware that someone greater than anyone is walking beside them. Because children are so vulnerable, this is something they will innocently believe and treasure.

They need lots of love

Love is the great comforter and healer. The child’s parents should love the children will all their might. If the kids are receiving love from this source, plus the church, they will grow up feeling secure. In a world full of frightening happenings, this is what they need.

As they grow older, they may feel the need to conform to worldly ways because of peer pressure. This is where you need to know where they are and what they are doing. It’s not easy keeping children on the straight and narrow path, but you’re doing your best.

They need to feel secure

Knowing that they are protected is probably one of the greatest gifts you can give them. This will flow naturally from being loved, but it is still vital that protection surrounds them all the time at home. They need to feel secure and this will make them confident to face life going forward.

It’s only natural that while you attempt to be the perfect family, you probably will often fall short. You can get angry with the child or have arguments with your spouse and the child will feel fear and insecurity during these times. After every argument, make sure you spend time with the children, hug them, and tell them they are special, and you’re sorry if it was your fault.

They need sound education

Bible study at home is a great idea and part of quality family time. If this starts at an early stage, they will grow to look forward to these times and treasure them. Have quality family times, where you can read to them. This part of making them feel secure.

Try and enroll them in a Christian school which will give them the moral and spiritually secure foundation they find at home.

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