Every individual’s health is important to their growth and the wellness of a nation. As time progresses, insurance companies continue raising their health premiums, making access to health expenditure and the conditions set for the cover is at times unrealistic.

Many employers limit the number of individuals covered in their insurance cover program, leaving important family dependents of the employee. Because of the challenges of accessing health insurance coverage including the rising physician fee, most citizens look for alternatives in the health share program.

Who is eligible for Health Sharing Plans?

According to UHSM healthcare sharing, it is important to learn about how Health Share Programs work before making an informed decision when looking into their benefits. Health Share Program is different from ordinary insurance cover. The programs operate governed by the principle of each member, mostly professing like-minded faith, come together and help one another in sharing medical bills.

To be eligible, there are set conditions you have to fulfill because the programs are not set for anyone, although some demographics suit better. After qualifying, you register for membership under one of the health share programs of your choice.

Your eligibility is judged under the following conditions:

You are generally healthy

Health Care Sharing Ministries seek to keep health care costs as low as possible so that every member can benefit from the programs. If you do not show any signs of complex health conditions in your records, you will likely not be eligible to join the Health Sharing Plans.

If you follow a healthy lifestyle

Program members must seek to keep away from substances that destroy their body like smoking, use of tobacco products, and drinking liquor excessively. One of the important conditions for becoming a member of the health care sharing program is proving your good health status. If you engage yourself in negative behavior and other dangerous affairs, you could be denied registration.

If you are an employee enrolled in employee health benefits

You could be an employee enjoying health cover from your employer but have to get another insurance cover for your spouse or dependents since they are not receiving the benefits from your employer. This could make the cover expensive and you can join the health sharing program, which is cost-friendly and a perfect solution for your family.

Citizens in self-employment

Those in self-employment may not receive insurance benefits like those employed and may not afford to take for themselves a cover from an insurance company. Those who qualify for the self-employment category are the ones that run a private business. Those who work as freelancers and in contract businesses can all apply for health care sharing programs.

Employees of ages 55-64

Employees aged 55-64 years are already preparing for retirement. Once they go for retirement, they stop receiving insurance benefits paying for their medical bills from their employers and will have to wait before gaining eligibility for Medicare.

Anyone waiting for retirement may seek membership in the Health sharing programs and choose to be in the plan before their eligibility for Medicare.

You have a helping heart

You could have a heart of giving and you want to do according to the Bible where it is written that you should never stop engaging in good actions of sharing with other people as God is happy with such good works (Hebrews 13:16).

If you belong to the faith, the motive of supporting other people could strongly drive you to join the health share program and benefit even as others benefit too.

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