It cannot be stressed enough the importance of researching the highway you intend to take on your way to visit your parents. You want to choose the easiest, safest route.

Heading from California to Phoenix is a journey of about 11 hours, and driving it with kids can be hair raising when you’re on your own and your car sticks along the road. You can be robbed at gunpoint and the terror you experience from criminal activities can impact you and your kids for life.

Be legitimately armed

If you travel regularly on your own, be armed. Handgun owners need to be responsible, however, and that is why training is so important as it can prevent accidents. Taking a concealed carry course provides anyone with excellent training in preparation for a license to carry a gun.

You attend classroom or online training approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety. To get the license, you must pass the Texas LTC exam and show proficiency in handling a handgun. You will know how to carry handguns safely and legally, develop good marksmanship and also know how to maintain your gun.

You’ll be prepared for any self-defense situations. With a Tx concealed carry license, you will know how to safely load and unload your gun. This course from Concealedcarry-ed meets the mandatory education requirements for a concealed carry license and will give you peace of mind as you travel the different highways.

Don’t drive an unserviced car

To ensure your road trip is as smooth as possible and that your car doesn’t let you down in a vulnerable spot, have it serviced before a long trip. This will ensure you stand the best chance of reaching your destination without a hitch.

Getting a flat tire is one of the most common reasons people call roadside assistance. Before a long trip, you should have your tires and wheels inspected for tread and also have them aligned.

Hand your car in for general maintenance, such as having your spark plugs checked, your battery tested and your fluid levels checked.

Don’t allow your kids just to be onlookers

Muggers usually go for targets that they believe offer the least resistance. You need to educate your kids on the evils of the world and also prepare them on how not to just be onlookers.

Karate and judo are martial arts skills that will give your kids amazing physical abilities. With learning either one or the other, your kids will be stretching all the major muscle groups and also learning how to breathe properly whilst stretching.

If they experience bullies in school, they can easily sort them out with these amazing skills. Remember, though, that if you and your kids have received ‘fighting’ training, fighting can aggravate things and turn an ordinary mugging into something far worse.

Equip your older kids with pepper spray canisters. Pepper spray can be a serious help in a dangerous situation.

Take charge of your safety

You can actually avoid dangerous situations by thinking and acting in ‘better’ ways. Preventing criminal acts from others requires you having your wits about you at all times, having an alert mind and body.

That means, particularly in front of your children, not taking alcohol and drugs while driving so that your judgment of situations is clouded. You need to have all your senses working at full capacity. You need to be paying attention to other cars on the road, to your surroundings and to the road signs.

You don’t want to take the wrong turn-off and land yourself up in an unsavory area. You can’t afford to be lax for one minute and you need to know when to close windows and lock the doors of your car for extra precautions.

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