Owning a boat opens more opportunities for outdoor fun in the river, dam, lake, or ocean waters. Summertime welcomes hundreds of boat owners who take their families or friends for fun-filled weekends in many places across the US.

If you lack creativity, your weekend or holiday can be boring but there are many activities you can do on the water to make every moment full of adventure. Depending on the age of family members or friends, some can do scuba diving, cooking, floating on tubes, fishing, water skiing, and so on.


Boat sailing might not mean going 400 miles off the coast. You can sail 10 or 20 miles in the lake or ocean and have a fulfilling day. Most lakes might not be beyond 20 miles in length and they offer perfect sailing distance. You must remember the law requires you to have at least basic boating training and a boating certificate to operate any boat that exceeds 10 horsepower or is powered by a motor.

If you are worried about where to take your exam, https://www.boatsmartexam.com/us/ohio/ offers online training to eligible individuals. To take the course, you have to be at least eight years old and have a smartphone, laptop, or any other device.

After you complete the online training, you are given unlimited opportunities for the Ohio Boater Education Certificate exam and if you clear it, you get the Ohio Boating License. The registration process is simple, the fees are affordable and the training is engaging.


Fishing can be great on-water fun if it’s done at a distance away from the shore. It doesn’t matter if you want to do saltwater or freshwater fishing, provided you have a boat to help you move fifty or a hundred meters away.

If you are with small kids, you might prefer to use a bait and hook, throw it in the water and wait for a fish to come along. Someone else might prefer to troll the waters with their bait in the hook until they come across a catch. Whichever your method is, you can have a day full of fun with few friends or family members and even if you don’t catch a large fish, the smaller ones will make your day great.


One of the greatest on-water fun you can have is cooking your favorite meal on a boat. Forget about the home kitchen and take your family or friends for lunch prepared and cooked in the boat kitchen.

The activity will involve all family members or friends on board and the experience can be memorable. It would be better if you plan to cook a meal that will take at least an hour or less because you don’t want to spend a whole afternoon cooking and forgo other fun activities.

Floating on tubes

When a distance away from the shore, it can be the best time to jump into the water with a tube fitted well around your tummy. The day’s captain will be watching as you enjoy and take photos and videos to post to your friends later.

The advantage of floating on tubes is that even the young kids or adults who don’t know how to swim will have a real on-water experience.

Scuba diving and swimming 

After spending hours on the water, it can be thrilling to dive deeper into the water and enjoy the life below. Put on the right gear and go thirty or fifty meters below to watch the fish swim in their natural habitat or plants that grow underwater without getting waterlogged.

Ten or twenty minutes of underwater activity will be worth many days after your boating adventure. If you are a good swimmer, you can swim along the boat while avoiding getting too close to the engine.

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