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Jesus is getting evicted. A Baptist church in South Carolina plans to take down a hand-carved statue of Jesus Christ because it’s believed to be too Catholic. The statue, along with accompanying artwork depicting scenes from Christ’s life, will be …Read More

Sam Blackledge was the 2018 valedictorian of Illinois’ West Prairie High School. As per tradition, he had prepared a speech to give before his classmates during the graduation ceremony. Minutes before Blackledge was to take the stage, however, school administrators …Read More

Trenton McKinley was out with a friend in March. The two were playing with a dune buggy. McKinley took a turn being pulled behind his friend in a utility trailer. Suddenly, McKinley’s friend hit the brakes. McKinley managed to toss …Read More

Over the past week, several well-known evangelical preachers and megachurch pastors have spoken out about a possible link between Biblical prophecy and the opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem. The opening of the embassy was a huge political statement …Read More

American President Donald Trump has welcomed home three Christian American detainees that were released from North Korea last week. The White House stated the gesture was a sign of goodwill ahead of the planned meeting between President Trump and the …Read More

The Trump administration has opened an embassy today in the Arnona neighborhood of Jerusalem, completely erupting decades of previous US policy towards Jerusalem. The embassy is being viewed by those that both love and hate it as a major departure …Read More

It’s amazing to see miracles can still happen even in modern society. This was the case with 13-year-old Trenton McKinley of Mobile, Alabama after he suffering severe brain trauma from a dune buggy accident. McKinley was playing at a friend’s …Read More

All those who live in Missouri are apparently safe from Armageddon. At least, that is what Jim Bakker is claiming. According to the televangelist, the best way to survive the apocalypse is to buy one of his cabins in the …Read More