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Sassy Spirit

I Got This

posted by jperry

Totally feeling that “whack-a-mole” thing going on as I parent. Squash one problem, another pops up. Or putting out one fire and you see another one started. Oh, growth can be interesting. I make myself wrong in certain places still so easily. . .money and parenting. Achilles heels. . .am I doing enough…could I have done it better? Why can’t I figure it out once and for all? I laugh at myself on how I can feel back to square one and then shake it within minutes. I once knew a lady who had a breakdown after being at an ashram. Hmm, time alone. . .with no demands on me, no need to trying to “do” anything right or even attempting. Quiet, what a concept. Okay, I’ll go, only if I can still wear cute outfits.

Just kidding, I’m not going anywhere. These kids are stuck with me. Feels like with five kids, I by accident signed up for a triathlon, versus a 5K (which I could do) and then they added two other parts. . .flying (no plane or broom, just magic) and you must build a dwelling with only popsicle sticks. Yep, some days it feels like that. But kids are not going to be perfect and parents are not going to be perfect. Love is messy. Life is weird and wonderful. Maybe someone out there has all easy kids or one at least, and they have the patience of a saint, and. . .okay, I probably just saw that on TV. What I know is I have power though. I can’t fix or control, but I can love. That’s my job. I must model healthy mind-body-spirit for them, as well as forgiveness, creating your own happiness, and minding your own business.

Make only you, your business. As a parent, some say this is still true, but for me it’s over simplifying things. Do you keep them out of danger until the age of 18. That is not necessarily true. They are not wrapped in bubble wrap around you 24/7 and what a hellish experience for them it would be to never choose anything. We all want freedom. I have pretty badass kids with strong wills. Oh, I’d love to control them sometimes. Love, Guide, love, help, worry, love, yell, pray, love, resent, love, set boundaries, love learn from them, love, mess up, love, say sorry and that’s in one day.  They do all have their own journeys and distinct personalities.  They are not me and actually very different than me in some ways.  Do I want to change them?  No.  Even if I don’t understand them or why they do things, I don’t have to understand them always.  It would be impossible.  I’m not in their heads.  I don’t need to fix them.  Even when my four year old punches or uses foul language, he is not broken.  Love is still called for.  He has a temper, enjoys shenanigans, where I must be clear about how I will be treated and what behavior is acceptable to me, but love heals.  On the deepest levels, it does, no matter what the outside looks like.  With my beautiful baby, she doesn’t say a word, but she teaches me and I learn.  All of my kids can push my buttons or trigger a feeling for me to heal.   At five months old, she doesn’t make me mad, but challenges me to be patient, manage my time, and to center in love always.  She locks eyes with me and it’s so powerful.  I know all the changes to come, since my other kids are 16, 13, 7, and 4. . .so I revel in this.  I am her world.  I do not take this lightly.  When they are little, I devote myself to them in a way, like I fill them up with enough love to know for the rest of their life it’s their set point.  I am teaching her about God in this way.  I teach her trust, love, patience, and so much more, just by being her mommy.

No matter what goes on, with a spiritual connection, I got this.

Fairy Tale Ending

posted by jperry

Pretend you’re a princess or prince right now.  C’mon, just play with me for a few minutes.  You won’t regret it.   Life’s too short not to have fun.  I’m putting on my sparkly fairy wings, my jeweled crown, my superchick cape adorned with sequins, lined in leopard print, as I hold my gold =filled diamond fairy wings, rockin’ my blinged-out-red-soled-Louboutins. . .okay I got carried away there.  I’m silly, ya gotta deal with that.  I always loved the fairy princess stuff and thinking of life in a magical way.  If I had a magic fairy wand, I’d wave fairy dust and make everyone instantly love themselves. I wish that for everyone. It just changes your whole life and all of your relationships are better. I wish I could do the work for you, but I can’t.

Your journey is yours and mine is mine. I had a knowing in my own heart to share some pieces with others since I know the pain and feeling of disconnection from not loving yourself. So I can offer some gems, but your soul’s wisdom is truer than any words ever written in any book when it echoes in your being.

The keys to love yourself are there within. What echoes in your soul?

What echoes in your soul, past the mind and the thinking, which quiet when you’re being. You hear it when you hug, when you love, when you chose a higher path, when you feel most your soul.

You must take a mental vacation. This is the soul’s gig. This means your “to-do lists” do not have to be completed to warrant self-worth. You do not need to be supermom/dad or superwoman/man. You do not need to be perfect, don’t even set a standard for it.

Yes, my friend, this journey begins right now. It’s a daring, bold, brave, badass, fulfilling adventure that will change you. . .for the better. Are you willing? Are you going to take the leap of faith with yourself? The journey begins when you say “YES” right now. Say it aloud. With this, you are a brand-new you, there is no going back, you are going to embody these words you read. You will magically have the power to change. I believe in you. Although you always had the power, I’m giving you permission to change. You are now allowed to be awesome, own it and celebrate it.

Close your eyes. You are now sprinkled with magic fairy dust from my wand.

You are officially a rockstar of life, a true goddess/god, queen/king of your world. So listen up, rockstar muffin. . .from here on out, you are going to step into your greatness, brilliance, epic awesomeness and really act like it, unapologetically. It’s not a better than feeling, it’s the best YOU feeling. No one can crash your good feeling party without an invite and if they do sneak into the party, just kick ‘em out.

Now put on your sparkly crown and let yourself shine!  Love yourself right now.  Believe in fairy tales and rescue yourself from your own tower.

Junk in My Trunk

posted by jperry

This was my actual dream before I woke up today.  I dreamt that I had to go to the grocery store.   I went yesterday to one and my hubby is going for me to another one today.  Five kids means LOTS of food.

I wasn’t even in my car, but rather a car I drove years ago.  An ’88 White Lincoln Town car that I called Little Debbie.  I’m five feet tall, so it was like driving a boat.

So the dream begins…
As I’m getting out of my car, I hear my trunk shut. I see a car drive past with four people in it, I remember it was two men and two women. The one woman in the passenger side was blonde with mean, piercing eyes that felt like they were taunting me. They were driving towards the store and then circled back towards my car. The woman told them to recite days of the week. I feel like they circled twice and she did that again.

I got really paranoid.  Were they after me? 

As I was walking up to the store, my purse felt like it was on fire, for real.   I wondered if my cell phone was overheating, but it was too hot for that.   I thought, even if it kills me, I must go back and look in my trunk.   Someone must have put junk in my trunk. I went back and sat in the car, afraid to open the trunk, but it was now dark and I’m afraid it will obliterate me and the people around me. I think I see the scary car parked near me. I want to ask someone for help, but I think they’ll think I’m crazy. If I open the trunk and there’s a bomb in it, I’ll be blamed for it and get in trouble. So then I feel like I hear a spying device, like they put a tap on my purse or trunk. A microphone type of noise.  I felt like I was being watched and wasn’t in control of my own destiny. Then, instantaneously, I was mad as hell, helpless, and unsure of what to do, but that I must act.

I opened the trunk and it’s completely empty. I soften. I relax and process that my own fear tricked me and spun a crazy story, that I fell for. I get back in my car and realize it was all in my head and that car is gone. I’m tired and decide I’m just going to go home. I look at my email on my phone and see an article/blog from a friend I met on social media, whose book is doing well. She was saying that now she has financial freedom and how beautiful that was for her and that she was so real about it. I looked down and there was money in my purses. A LOT. Too much to count. I got a fear monster to try to trick me again, that it was “those people” and I should be afraid of that good stuff, the money must be like a bomb or something. The real me knew it was okay. We had manifested it. 

As I was waking up, I realized in my dream Oprah had bought me a puppy that was a black female cocker spaniel.  It looked like our dog, Scarlett, that passed away years ago.  Someone in my dream suggested I name the new puppy, Scarlett Cunningham, but I told them her name was Indigo. 

Crazy and intriguing to examine my own psyche and what it means.  I’m not afraid of the junk in my trunk, metaphorically or otherwise. Funny thing is, my actual trunk of my van is not working properly, but not broken. It’s not a priority to fix it right now.  Oh, the subconscious giving me messages in my dreams.  Can you tell I’ve been working on prosperity!  Not obvious of anything.  Morale is to not be afraid of your own stuff, your issues, blocks, fears, doubts, and such.  You are safe.  Remember God is always there.  Trust that.

P.S.  Dream interpreters would have a field day with this.  What do you think?  Indigo corresponds to the sixth chakra, your third eye.  My intuition is strong, but I’m always wanting to connect deeper.


posted by jperry

I don’t know about you, but in my twenties, I thought you really couldn’t be thin enough or rich enough. You may have wanted to be a THIN-king or THIN-queen. I learned that being thin didn’t make me happy, so I figured out more money wouldn’t make me happier either.  Losing weight just makes you smaller.  The potential for happiness was in my mind and not my body.  I made peace with my body and became really grateful for it, through work. . .through thinking differently.  I let go of the word thin. I don’t dig it. I realized also, that whether it’s about being thin, rich, getting a great partner, landing a job or whatever is never going to be enough. . .if you don’t think you are.

I am a Beach Body® coaching now because of my own weight struggles, the roller coaster, yo-yo, that vicious cycle of weight loss and how crappy you can feel in the process. First of all, a weigh loss journey is fine, but let’s call it a wait loss, like stop waiting to LOVE yourself. Don’t put conditions or numbers on it. It’s a weight love program, a self-love lifestyle. I advocate being FIT. Don’t you want to feel fit? You want to feel good in your body, right?


Yeah. . .that’s what I’m talkin’ about! A Fabulous Inspired Toned type of vibe versus thin. THINK KIND IN YOUR MIND! Whenever you get into the “Do I look fat in this outfit?” Stop that damn “thin” word and THIN-Kind!


Remember God created your beautiful body and it’s perfect for you. This Universe would never shame a sunset that was too full, tell a rosebud to hide its softness, the moon to make its roundness flat, or the curves of a mountain to instead look like a tree. . .because it’s not. Embrace your form now and make your tweaks from a place of love. I don’t do “no pain, no gain.” I don’t do force, I do focus. The opposite of excuses are intentions. Let your intention be to FEEL good. Goals to be a certain weight or size are okay for motivation, but aim for strong and healthy which is more empowering. Love yourself to your goal. Whether I coach you or not, I’m cheering you on and I believe in you. And remember NEVER compare your body to another, just rock what you got!

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