On Fire: Finding Your Gift And Using It
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Be you. You don’t have another choice. Copying someone else gets the same results as lighting a firecracker that is a “dud:” a very short-lived blaze of glory followed by a fizzling fall to the ground. Next. Developing and using […]

I lost my reasons to live in midlife. My husband walked out. Our teenagers left home. My home and possessions disappeared. Friends slithered away. I was so blindsided by hurt and chaos, I could barely work.  But over time things […]

Are people ignoring you or being inconsiderate? Treating you like your input doesn’t matter, or you don’t even exist? Stop what you are doing right now and, instead, do your Work. Your Work–with a capital “W”–is the thing you were […]

No two snowflakes are the same.  Every person is special. There will never be another person born exactly like you. You know this. But you wonder about: – Your ADHD making it impossible to sit at attention for very long. […]

Do you know who you are?  Grab a pen and write your answers: 1. What do I love? 2.  What do I hate? 3.  What are my key personality traits? 4. What are my top talents? 5. I get the […]

Perhaps you thought when you grew up you’d inherit your father’s business. Carrying on the family legacy would be your contribution to bettering the world. But it didn’t happen. Maybe you planned to be a wife and mom with a […]

Growing up I had a minor role in my parents’ story: Move from the farm into town and work day and night plus pinch every penny to save enough money to buy a house. Later I teamed up with my […]

Dan Piraro’s cartoon (left), ironically, is making the rounds on When I saw it, I chuckled and promptly posted it to my own home page. The cartoon pokes fun at us. It also asks us to reflect on how […]

Your Gift is an insight wrapped in talent and shared with others. Why find and use it? Four reasons: 1) To start down this Gift-giving path is to turn toward God and the truth you’ve been created and for a […]

Usually it’s alpha mare bellowing and kicking alpha gelding. Not last night. The bellowing turned frantic. Man-Son flew out of bed and ran barefooted to the corral. He yelled to let the horses know he was there. Situation: a fog […]