No two snowflakes are the same.

 Every person is special. There will never be another person born exactly like you.

You know this.

But you wonder about:

– Your ADHD making it impossible to sit at attention for very long.
– Or your Bipolar Disorder causing you to be both charming and a source of stress for others.
– The continual pull to sleep during the day and be up all night.
– You desire to feel good about your ethnicity but you feel like the “odd man out” all the time.
– Or your reserve. You feel obligated to participate in trivial conversations and show up to everything all the time—when what you’d really like to do is watch the sunset or groom your horse.
– You know you “walk to the beat of a different drummer.” But all you get are looks of disdain from people and excluded from invitation lists.
– You’ve disappointed your parents and spouse and driven away every roommate you ever had.

Sometimes you wish you were more of a “normie.” Other times you wish all the normies would go to hell.

You can do something to change things. Bring lightness, humor and joy to your life in place of the “misfit” cloud hanging over your head.

The solution is acceptance—fully embracing yourself and who you are, without apology or shame. Find the benefit in your quirks. Explore and push forward with your gifts. See where your specialness can take you—what wonderful thing you might do for others, for the planet.

When you shame, blame, judge, or reject yourself, you are actually playing god. Trying to overrule what your Creator has created. Give it up.

Stake everything on this truth: God has created you as you are for His purposes. He has given you the assignment of being exactly who He created you to be.

Your real work is to trust God with yourself every day, all day long.           

You can do this.

                         Trust is the courage to accept acceptance.

                                                                                    — P. Tillich

– – – – –

Photo credit: @Doug88888 (creative commons)

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