On Fire: Finding Your Gift And Using It

I read a book about the impact of childhood memories. The author, a well-known psychologist, wrote that if we recall our three most vivid memories, we’d see who we are. Or, he could describe to us what we’re like…something like …Read More

My elderly father succumbed to a stroke. Then bed bugs arrived in the house I just completed decorating. The creepy, blood-sucking insects infested again and again. Thirdly, a new friend turned postal…frightening me with her behavior.My world teetered dangerously out …Read More

Think about it:  You didn’t ask to be born. You don’t know exactly where you came from or where you’re going—if anywhere—after you die.  Yet, you’re here. Living in this place and time.  For a reason?  You wonder, Who am …Read More

It was the worst time to fall apart. The final semester of my senior year in college was for completing projects and planning my future. Instead, I was depressed. Hardly able to get out of bed. Skipping classes. Doing the …Read More

To myself: You’re unproductive. You’re too emotional. Insecure. Scaredy-cat. Just push ahead, stupid! Look at Joe (or Susan). He gets after it every day. Steady outcomes. Can’t you be more like that? Just do it. Your work doesn’t really matter. …Read More

Today these words infuse new life into me. I share them with you with the hope they will encourage you too. “In our faithful listening to God’s Word, we often neglect his first word to us–the gift of ourselves to …Read More

Your gift is an insight wrapped in talent and shared with others. “But who are my others?” you ask. “I’ve tried giving my gift. No one wants it.” Perhaps your gift is mediating conflict. Your insight into human personalities and …Read More

In old age, I don’t want to review my life and wish I’d done more with the talent given me. I don’t want to wonder what held me back. Should I have found better teachers? Practiced more? Knocked on more …Read More

Cook up your grandmother’s meatloaf recipe. The dirty laundry molding in the closet? Wash it. Two years ago a couple moved in next door. Go introduce yourself. Join the YMCA and sign up for classes. Scrape the mold off the …Read More

When I’m on fire, I’m filled with faith, hope and love. Others catch my fire and pass it on. But a few days ago, my fire went out. Several relatives got together—without me. They “had a great time,” according to …Read More