On Fire: Finding Your Gift And Using It

Why not?

Why not?

I lost my reasons to live in midlife. My husband walked out. Our teenagers left home. My home and possessions disappeared. Friends slithered away. I was so blindsided by hurt and chaos, I could barely work.

 But over time things changed. Not a different husband and house and a new social setting. No, I found something even better.

 What dawned was a realization that I was here for a purpose. I could metabolize the pain, mix it up with my talents and perspective and do good—for others.

 This discovery saved my life.

 What’s so amazing is that a purpose is an ever fresh, renewing force inside me.The possibilities are limitless. The people to meet cover the planet. I’m continually being forced to change—come out of hiding and be more real, more faith-filled, and more daring.

I recently heard a presentation by Ginny Hanson, founder of Sak Saum. Ginny began with “one girl, one sewing machine, one bag and $25” in 2007 and founded an outreach to help people escape poverty and sexual trafficking in Cambodia. She provides an opportunity for people who yearn for a different life to have it. The women and men of Sak Saum make beautiful bags, jewelry and accessories. This rescue operation is a self-sustaining enterprise—and a place of hope and healing.

Hearing Ginny speak sent me back to my day-to-day life—my relationships,  writing opportunities and community—with the question: Why not?

Why not believe that every person deserves a free and fulfilling life?

Why not believe it is possible to provide that kind of life to everyone who wants it?

Why not believe I have a part to play in freeing others?

Why not believe





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photo credit: m’sieur rico (creative commons)