On Fire: Finding Your Gift And Using It


What is your Work?

Are people ignoring you or being inconsiderate? Treating you like your input doesn’t matter, or you don’t even exist?

Stop what you are doing right now and, instead, do your Work.

Your Work–with a capital “W”–is the thing you were born to do. Your purpose. It’s what you may keep putting off, but it’s always there, calling to you softly from the bottom of your soul.

Why are you here?

– To write novels?

– Mentor at-risk youth?

– Raise healthy and courageous children?

– Restore abandoned homes and settle needy families in them?

– Foster intercultural understanding?

Write it down: I’m here to____________________.

I know that my Work is to write and teach people how to find their purpose. This is my Gift. When I’m not giving my Gift, I lose traction in my life. I become stressed. Worried. I look to other people to make me feel better about myself.

But others are thinking about themselves and their own concerns. (As we all are, most of the time.) I read into their behavior that they don’t like me or value me. My stress ramps up.

However, things change when I return to my Work. Faith, hope and love bubble up. I gain strength. I’m a worthy force to contend with in my own mind.

When I’m doing my Work,  it’s amazing how people change. They treat me with the honor I am giving myself.

So I ask again, what is your Work?

For the sake of others and your own sake, do your Work. Now.
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