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Keep your kids away from patriotic events – celebrating America’s heritage will turn them into Republicans. That’s the finding from Harvard University. Furthermore, Democratic candidates need not bother attending Independence Day, say the researchers, since the events only energize right-wingers. “Democratic […]

She’s just one woman working alone — driven by the horror she has seen first hand. She’s Sister Hatune, a nun in a Syrian Orthodox convent in Germany. She is trying to get the word out of the growing number of attacks […]

Here’s the story of Jonah and the Whale as told by a very articulate little cutie.  From this second grader’s perspective, Ninevah’s sin was they didn’t care about each other. Or that Jonah didn’t want to go because everybody would laugh […]

The Arizona junior high schoolers weren’t trying to cause any problems. They just had a great idea: hey, let’s pray for the members of the U.S. Supreme Court. They were taking a walking tour of Capitol Hill with their teacher […]

Is it really against the law to sing America’s  national anthem while you are visiting the Lincoln Memorial on the Washington, D.C. national mall?   Yes, according to the National Park Service, which administers the memorial.   The ban was […]