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(Part One is HERE.) “They’re always trying to error correct, make themselves more human. When they talk to each other, it’s a way of practicing.” “Is that what you’re doing now? Practicing?” -Westworld, on why robots talk to each other […]

“History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake.” –Ulysses, James Joyce The HBO series Westworld is approaching its season finale this Sunday. As a fan of the show (and regular readers may have noticed I’m a bit […]

TODAY’S STARTLING NEWS STORIES: -The Sun rose and the Sun set. -Some people were born and others died. -People argued about politics somewhere. -A movie based on a Marvel Comics property made a buttload of money on opening weekend. Yes, […]

(Exciting update at the end of this blog entry!) Star Trek is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this month. I’ve done a little digging around and have come to two very important conclusions about the astrology involved: 1) The birth charts […]

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This blog entry contains spoilers for Game Of Thrones up to, but not including, tonight’s season finale. Given the nature of the show, here’s hoping the subject of today’s blog entry doesn’t die, but who knows? Secondly: Matthew, […]

When I wrote about the Solar Eclipse in Pisces earlier this month, I noted that it would be of particular significance to those born between the years 1964 to 1966. That Eclipse happened directly opposite the Uranus-Pluto conjunction that the […]

(The following is a transcript of a recent conversation with my imaginary celebrity client George Lucas, creator of the Star Wars films. Unfortunately his side of the conversation didn’t record, but I’m hoping it can be spliced in later when […]

LAST TIME: I explained the difference between Placidus Houses (the system most Western Astrologers use) and Whole Sign Houses (which a smaller but growing number of Western Astrologers use). This time, I’m going to show you the difference between how […]

I’m starting to teach an online astrology course about love and attraction during this current Venus Retrograde, and what factors in the birth chart can enhance that. I already had the whole course outlined out in my head a while […]

In astrology, a conjunction is an aspect between two or more planets placed very closely together in the sky, like the recent Venus-Jupiter conjunction that everyone got excited about. How close together is a matter of debate among astrologers, but […]