Healing and Transformation

Healing and Transformation

Thoughts Have No Power Unless We Believe Them

posted by David G Arenson ND

thoughts by byron katie

According to Byron Katie – “Thoughts have no power over us until we believe them.” 
Is that true?

For me, it is one of the most important elements in inner transformation. It is a key in understanding life. If you believe you are stupid, then you will find evidence that you are stupid.

That’s why Henry Ford famously observed - “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

So either way, your thoughts are crucial and the beliefs that are formulated.

Many powerful people have used their minds for creation, and it’s something we are all doing whether choosing our thoughts consciously or without conscious awareness.

What will you believe about yourself today, tomorrow, and beyond? The future is made from the quality of your thoughts in the present moment.

How can we define “belief?”

A dictionary definition:

belief – an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists
• something one accepts as true or real; a firmly held opinion or conviction.

It seems that beliefs lend weight to thoughts. Thoughts alone are very powerful, but when we believe in them, then they become intractable truths in our lives.

Be careful what you think, but more importantly, be careful what you believe…

It will Come, When you Relax

posted by David G Arenson ND


How about replacing fear of the unknown with something different? Curiosity.

Be curious.

Curiosity comes naturally to children, so why not adults? If you relax into it, it will spontaneously arise.

Stop seeking so hard, searching, yearning, wanting, craving. It only causes suffering.

Relax into life. Breathe.

You will find it isn’t hard, if you let go. Effortlessly gliding will be your new way, your new habit.

Habits can evolve effortlessly without trying.

If you relax, you won’t need to feel needy.

Relax now…and be curious like a child.

Love you always,

Everything You’ve Ever Done Prepared You for…

posted by David G Arenson ND

Everything you’ve ever done prepared you for this moment. To be reading this right now is no accident. It happened for a reason, for a purpose, perhaps difficult to conceive of right now. Destiny is calling!


Nothing happened by accident. You are whom you are for a reason. You’re here for a purpose….and you are definitely never alone…

Everything happened with the purpose of bringing you here. To go to the next target may require patience, and certainly there will be challenges.

Analogy: Think of an archer firing an arrow towards a target.

First, the archer needs to pull it backwards. Before he can launch it forwards, it needs to go back.

Same with life.

Consider when you are feeling encumbered by difficulties that seem to never end.

That means you are about to be sent forward again with interest. The stratosphere of achievement does not happen instantaneously. One is pulled back. Some have to fight enormous odds to achieve success.

Only by having perspective and focus, can one understand the journey.

Focus yourself, keep your intent pure, and maintain your energy. Keep believing, hoping and practicing.

Success is only around the corner.

Now, take aim…

The Cave you Fear Holds the Treasure

posted by David G Arenson ND
David G Arenson (author) reflecting at the Western Wall, Jerusalem (image by author)

David G Arenson (author) reflecting at the Western Wall, Jerusalem (image by author)

In particularly difficult times when I am certain I could not possible survive, I like to remind myself about the past. My track record is pretty good for enduring difficulties and “impossible” odds. In fact, I have 100% record of surviving. That’s a great record, isn’t it?

When you lie in fear, your abilities become dormant. On the other side of fear, is freedom. On the other side of fear, is your destiny calling. Don’t wait for it. Reach out and touch it. Act tough, be bold. For, fear will never disappear. Fear is a loyal and trusted servant. It is not for you to suppress fear, or reject it, or worse, pretend it doesn’t  exist. It does.

Fear is as real as you think it is.


What is your biggest fear?

Face it in the mirror.


“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek.” — Joseph Campbell

That treasure is waiting. It’s on the other side of fear.

It seeks you.

It is yours waiting, beckoning, tapping you on your shoulder.

Act now…

Samuel Beckett’s words: ”Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”

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