people use this word, ‘healing,’ yet what is it?

Healing is a shift – any change (especially a positive one) is a healing in the conscious mind, body, emotional and spiritual worlds. Healing is transformation.

The field of energy that healers set up is called a variety of names based on a variance of perception, from healing energy, to reiki, to unconditional love, alchemy, grace, kindness, compassion – it encompasses all these qualities, especially grace. Healers often call on angels, spirit guides and archangels/ ascended masters and animal spirits for support.

For many people, their beliefs create their reality, with what is called their “innermost-dominating thoughts” often over-riding any conscious attempts at change. Many beliefs are actually entrenched in the sub-conscious mind, making changing them a challenging process.

Breakthroughs come with a shift in consciousness, and are entrenched via positive support. Many people make breakthroughs yet go back to the default level because they go back to the same environment that created the original position. The benefit of the coaching model, is allowing a support system to shift a person, and make sure that those changes are “enforced” into a person’s physiology.

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