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“Be still. Stillness reveals the secrets of eternity.” ~ Lao Tzu

Suffering is ubiquitous.

Many lose hope and remain addicted to their cravings. Society is a confusing place to understand in 2014.

Prime time ratings dictate what’s for dinner, and the feeling of loss pervades. The causes of suffering show no sign of hiding away or disappearing.

Vast capacities lie dormant between the polarized forces of ever more cynicism on one side of the scale and expansive hope and opportunity on the other side.

I speak daily to those claiming they are stuck in fear and feel powerless to act. Many suffer from 21st century burn-out and urban loneliness.

Some share with me they are “lost” and their life is empty. Many are so captivated by drama and escapism that they don’t have the space to see the world from any other angle other than the one that is their drug. They are addicted to filling the space with stuff, lacking the concept that the stuff they are filling their space with makes their life ever more meaningless. Meaninglessness has become a 21st century affliction, the addiction to distraction.

Meaninglessness and suffering are intertwined. Urban ennui is filling the space with fears, instead of what you love. Emptiness is doing what you don’t love. Emptiness is searching for fulfillment in addictions outside of the self, instead of finding fulfillment in the self.

The answer to meaninglessness is stillness. Stillness is the reverse of suffering. Stillness makes sense in a world of insanity and endless noise. This is the concept of the “sabbath” common to many religions. In the biblical scenario, God created Earth in 6 days and on the 7th day he rested. This biblical concept can be applied in our busy modern worlds, in fact, the need for it is greater than ever before!

People are starving for love, meaning and fulfillment. They’re addicted to the very distractions that will prevent them from finding what is inherent in nature. Through stillness, distractions are removed, and the practise of reverence to all beings flows naturally.

There is wisdom in stillness, in silence, in calm in the midst of agitation. Stillness is tranquility.

The Sacred Path requires stillness in order to surrender and receive. To activate Creativity, requires stillness.

In stillness, we find peace – we can connect to the ocean of possibility, the cosmos of potentiality. In stillness, we can perceive meaning. In stillness we can see that nothing can be empty if it is alive. How can anything be empty if it is part of nature? Nature is always moving, always changing; its very nature is to evolve, and to be meaningful.

All life is sacred, yet it is only when we are still, that we can appreciate that. Stillness sees the sacredness of all things as self-evident.

“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.” Lao-Tzu

Stillness creates receptivity. In stillness, we are able to open ourselves to the many journeys available to us within experience. Stillness invites us to dream within the big dream, little dreams amongst the Divine dream – the microcosm a perfect reflection of the macrocosm, and the macrocosm a perfect reflection of the microcosm. What a wonderful dream it is! We flow like an eternity of sunshine, we never know what will come next into our fantastic dream.

Internally, it is our noble path to accept the karmic symphony which presents itself. We know no other way but to dream our dreams, to love unconditionally, to pray we live another day and welcome every moment as a miracle. To co-ordinate each moment as Divine is to find the stillness within each moment. Finding stillness is the path to being able to bless each moment as sacred.

Stillness is the field of love and dreams.

It’s not in the emptiness of wondering where love will come from, nor in the sadness of suffering for having loved and lost, nor is it in the loneliness of unrequited love. It’s in the knowing that God breathes love into every cell of the cosmos. We are already filled with love, full of love. Through Divine light we are born into the world, and through Divine Light we will perish.

Stillness is the field of Divine Light.

Stillness is the gateway to finally finding who we are.

Stillness is bliss. Invite stillness into your life, and reap abundant benefits. Please share below what you experienced through your stillness practice.


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bruce lee

This is an ode to the good man, the brave man, the man we all want to be, the man we want in our lives.

These are the men I look up to with admiration and respect – the men who remind me of the man I want to be:

Men who care about others.

Men able to be strong yet also kind and compassionate.

Men who hold up banners at peace rallies.

Men who go after what they want.

Humble men not captivated by their egos.

Men not threatened by the success of others.

Heroic men.

Men who sing.

Men unafraid to cry or show their feelings.

Men who dance like nobody’s watching.

Men willing to surf the waves without losing their smile.

Men willing to sweat all day.

Men who are devoted to being the best husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, lovers.

Men who give selflessly and get pleasure from giving.

Men who choose women who challenge them.

Grown up men who can look defeat in the face and not lose perspective.

Men who are truly present with their loved ones.

Men who get pleasure from supporting powerful women.

Men who know their purpose.

Men who weed the lawn, change diapers, and are not freaked out by menstruation or pregnancy.

Men with someone to love and something to hope for.

Men who know that their most precious possession is a woman’s heart.

Men who see the world through the eyes of kindness.

Men who love children.

Men who love puppies.

Men not afraid to be themselves.

Men with open hearts.

Courageous men.

Men who live with open hearts.

Men who unashamedly embrace facial hair and other manly characteristics.

Grounded men.

Men who honour themselves and choose to spend time with women consciously.

Men with healthy boundaries.

Men who know their worth.

Men who let women go who don’t honour and support them.

Men who love unconditionally.

Men who wear army boots.

Men who swim naked.

Men who stand up for their rights and know their worth.

Men who fiercely protect their women.

Men with a soft side.

Men who embrace their feminine side with an open heart.

Men who are free like birds.

Shy men.

Wild men.

Nomadic men.

Men who don’t live through their penis, rather live consciously and respect women.

Men who open doors for women.

Men who live and love passionately.

Men who can say “no” without flinching.

Men who don’t give a damn.

Men who stand up for what is right, and defend it with all their heart and soul.

Men who stand up for what is wrong with equal fervour.

Ambitious men.

Resilient men.

Men who ignore society pressure and social norms.

Men who throw caution to the wind.

Men who throw out social conditioning if it no longer serves their soul calling.

Men who ignore titles.

Men with big titles.

Men with conviction and substance who refuse to speak ill of others.

Men who appreciate the value of time:

Men who get up in the morning with a goal in mind.

Men who get away with everything.

Men with impeccable standards.

Responsible men.

Driven men.

A man who can’t be bought or bullied.

A man open to reason, yet not too logical that he loses his capacity for compassion.

Men who prove their ability.

Men who love wildly in the bedroom.

Men who love wildly outside the bedroom.

Tender men.

Men never too busy for love.

Men with a sense of duty and moral obligation, in spite of personal circumstances.

Men aware of consequences.

Men who live in the moment.

Wise men.

Virtuous men.

These are the qualities in a man I want for myself.

These are the type of men I want around. I want to hear from these men.


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David G. Arenson ND, Australia’s Leading Soul-Coach – Spiritual Teacher, Energy Healer;
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I am naked, I am okay.

I am naked, I am okay.

What if I am a free man willing to stand naked before you, without judgment or the strain of performance-anxiety?

“We never catch up with reality itself. The real nature of mystery always evades our attempts to conceptualize it, and escapes the nets of our language and symbolism. Its depths are never plumbed.” ~ Leonardo Boff

Unconditional mystery exists in perpetuity without needing a name, a formula, a substitution. The mystery prevails beyond our perception, beyond our conception and way beyond our wildest formula.

“The eye goes blind, when it only wants to see why.” ~ Rumi

In a continual state of becoming, we stare out at each other, at life, at the universe, at why things don’t work how we want them to.

Liberation? From what!

Freedom exists already. We were born free…And naked!

We do not need to be free from something or someone necessarily in order for it to still resonate as something real.

For us to be free, is to acknowledge that we are free.

There is no formula for success, no formula for being human, no formula for being good, no formula for being happy, no formula for being wealthy.

Yet, as human beings with egos and the “reality bubble” of our times being one of fear and limitation, 
becoming liberated is about freeing oneself from the lies and deception of the society around us, and believing ourselves to be limited and separate.

Despite the English language describing us as “human beings,” it’s very clear something has been lost in translation, for we are judged as human “doings.”

I don’t know about you, my dear readers, but I often judge myself. I am all too aware of my fragility and immanent humanity. I am filled with thoughts filling me up to the brim. Not all are of the positive variety. As a writer and humanist, there’s the stuff I put out there, and then there’s me—me, myself, I. That’s the real me who exists without having to “do” anything. That’s the person beyond the comings, goings and doings.

These thoughts can haunt me, hurt me, persecute me, annoy me. Thoughts swirling around sometimes sound like this, a collection of doubts that scuttle across my mind like a centipede:

How many read that? Did I appear on google searches? Twitter feeds? Did anyone notice me? Does anyone care? Did I get some feedback? Did someone write to me? How many? Why am I doing this if nobody is out there listening? Am I making a difference? Can I even make a difference? What’s the point?

What is holding me back from pure freedom, the freedom to express myself wholly and completely without judgment in the world?

Are we separate—me the person, me the thought, me the reader, me the screen, me the vast abyss of space, me the space between spaces? You and I?

The cult of separation can wreak havoc on people undergoing strain or going through changes, as it can feel like we’ve been cut off from the tribe and hence in crisis mode.

When we feel “lost,” or “lonely” or “sad,” our soul has not gone off track. Our soul is a light, it’s never lost. It’s more likely that we are totally on course and coming closer than ever to personal transformation. We grow more on the edge of our comfort zone.

It’s also inbuilt that if we feel discomfort, we would begin to judge our path as a mistake.

Coming in and out of co-creation and empowerment is what we do as humans.
 In our current evolution, that’s how it is for most people. Certainly not a failing on anyone’s part.

We just want to be natural and authentic and not feeling like we need to “try” to be anything we are not, or feel like we are judged just for being ourselves.

The reality of these times is that money is the chosen currency of control, and there is much evil in its distribution. The limitation we feel is part of our current paradigm.

I believe the time is coming where freedom will be natural and spontaneous and people will be free to follow their soul’s calling.

I believe one day, the world will be ready.

I know I am, when I can escape from those limiting thoughts that follow me around like a spectre.

Even if I am not yet ready to be free, I declare:

I am freeing you to be free.



“I am naked, I am okay.”

Breathing in: “Mys . . .”

Breathing out: “…tery.”


“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” ~ Apple Inc.


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David G. Arenson ND, Australia’s Leading Soul-Coach – Spiritual Teacher, Energy Healer;
and Celebrity Therapist.

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hafizMany go through times of feeling lost and confused, or just have those off days when they seem to face more inner doubts than normal. You may sometimes even wonder, “what is my purpose?” It’s normal to ask these sort of questions.

Should you be ambitious and aim to reach some sort of high spiritual state of enlightenment or relax and enjoy life by accepting your foibles, while acknowledging that there’s always your next lifetime to come to master all these lessons! Enjoy the moment!

The journey of life is mysterious and filled with moments of crystal-clear clarity and joy, amidst the confusion and suffering.

Throughout your life, you may find yourself asking “How do I cultivate wisdom, and start listening to my inner voice, in the midst of a thousand voices?” Or, “How do I become more enlightened,” “How do I find myself if lost,” How do I find inner peace when suffering?”

It’s natural to have some cravings and addictions to overcome and it’s natural to strive to be more. That’s what our life is about — constantly learning more about ourselves and our role in life, bringing more light to shine on the darkness and knowing that consciousness is always expanding.

In Buddhism, attachment to Vedana (a Sanskrit term referring to sensations or feelings that occur when our internal sense organs come into contact with external sense objects and the associated consciousness) leads to suffering. On the other side, concentrated awareness of Vedana also leads to enlightenment and the end of suffering.

Vedana is crucial to your growth and expansion, wherever you are on the scale or pathway to enlightenment.

All of us are seeking pleasure and an end to pain suffering, and ultimately, “wholeness”. Yet, we get caught up in life’s dramas by judging others and ourselves and crave empty substitutes for living our truth authentically. It is not in denying ourselves that we find a pathway to inner peace; it is in the very experiencing of ourselves that we find authenticity and wholeness. This is the path.

Seeing beyond the veils of illusion reveals our true selves, what is inside—our authentic self. This is always present and always wholly authentically real — I like to call it your “essence.”

The mirror that life presents to us never lies. In our frenetic 21st century lives, it is more important than ever to change what is not working from the inside out—and not look for empty feel-good substitutes for doing the work. When we get out of the way of our ego, we can learn to truly experience love from the inside out as an intrinsic part of all creation—as an intrinsic part of our nature.

The heart is a vessel for love.

When you look within and live from the heart while expecting miracles—watch what unfolds. As Einstein said:

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

Heart intelligence goes beyond our traditional comprehension—reopening our childhood imagination. It softens our way of being and brings kindness and compassion to our way of life.

The heart’s vibration extends far beyond our physical bodies. It’s vibration (electro-magnetic field) goes beyond our personal boundaries into the ethers of space; we can feel the energy around us when we attune this sense—often known as the sixth sense.

There is always something for you to learn and heal from—and always more to unfold. Yet, you need to forget your ego…just be still. In silence is found true healing.

Life becomes resistant when you resist what stares you in the face. See the light beyond the bars of separation. All it takes to break down the bars, is an open heart and courage to face the truth.

When we experience love from the inside out as an intrinsic part of all creation, we find our calling – experiencing ourselves as love. This is living our lives authentically. This is living our bliss.


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and Celebrity Therapist.

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