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From the Truth Journal by Roy Eugene Davis:

“Many more people are learning to meditate. Many people are being attracted to meditation as a way to function more effectively in an increasingly busy and stressful world.

Many individuals, schools and organizations are now actively promoting their forms of meditation.

The dramatic surge of interest that occurred in the 1960s has spread into mainstream western society.  It is common to hear many medical doctors and other health professionals recommend meditation to their patient-clients.

Choose To Be Spiritually Enlightened

Enlighten – to provide knowledge with wisdom.  Spiritual enlightenment is conscious realization of one’s immortal, changeless essence (true nature) and ultimate reality.

The ultimate purpose for our sojourn in this universe is to awaken from dreamlike states of awareness and have our consciousness restored to its original, pure wholeness.

What is mainly needed for spiritual enlightenment:
1) A sincere desire to be fully conscious
2) Willingness and ability to learn what is essential to know
3) A decisive intention to be wisely self-disciplined.

Growth to emotional and spiritual maturity can occur with the following benefits:
1) The mind will be purified
2) Awareness will be clarified
3) Consciousness will be illumined by the radiance of one’s essence of being
4) Flawless Self-knowledge will be unveiled
5) Liberation from all former, restrictive conditions will be permanent

Meditate to be superconscious.  Holistic living, mental and emotional calmness, aspiration to be spiritually enlightened, profound study of metaphysical (higher) realities and regular superconscious meditation practice allow spiritual awakening to effortlessly occur.”

“Every day, meditate more deeply than you did the day before.”
Paramahansa Yogananda

Visit Roy at his beautiful, Center for Spiritual Awareness in Georgia or visit his website.
Roy is one of the last remaining direct disciples of Paramahansa Yogananda still teaching.  Roy’s meditation CD and books are available through his website at CSA.
It is a wonderful tool on your path to spiritual enlightenment.

“Read a little. Meditate more. Think about God all the time.”
Paramahansa Yogananda

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

March 5, 2009 at Roy's Meditation Seminar

March 5, 2009 at Roy’s Meditation Seminar in Costa Mesa, CA








Additional benefits of meditation:
Healing Meditation

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Are you holding on to any negative thoughts or judgments about others?

Do you have any negative thoughts or judgments about yourself ?

Here is a powerful fact.  Feeling guilty, blaming yourself or anyone else only sticks you and them to that very place and pattern.  The best thing you can do is let go, forgive yourself and anyone else involved.  It was the best you or they were able to do at that time so stop holding on to the past and let go now.

Forgiving is not condoning negative behaviors.  Ultimately, we each are totally responsible for our energy, intentions and actions.  Forgiving does not mean to forget what happened.  It means not holding on to negative energy about it or focusing on the negative stories.  Let yourself, people and situations be the way they are and look for the good in every situation.  There is always a lesson to be learned. God/The Universe does not waste anything.

Life is a process; constantly unfolding every moment.  Allow the moment and life to be the way it is right now.  Allow yourself and others the grace to be the way they are right now.  Practice being aware and being present in each and every moment.  Acknowledge what you see, sense and feel because it is your true experience.

There are lessons to learn and experiences to experience.  There are no coincidences.  We are here to actualize our full, creative and divine potential.  We each have the freedom of choice of how to achieve this.  Remember to have compassion for yourself, others and all living creatures, including Planet Earth and Mother Nature.

Take the time to objectively look at your life and see where you are holding on to judgments or grudges.  Acknowledge what is and let go, be free.  Release, refresh and make a new choice.

The good you are seeking is also seeking you.  Make sure your channel is wide open and flowing freely without hatred, judgment, resentment or any form of negativity.

“Forgiveness is all-powerful.  Forgiveness heals all ills.”
Catherine Ponder

Love is for-giving!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach










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From Catherine Ponder,
How To Live a Prosperous Life:

“To receive your Divine Heritage acknowledge God’s presence, power and intelligence.  In this way you link energies with the Creative and claim your benefits… as we follow His signals.

Renew your mind through positive thinking, which is the expression of faith, confidence, certainty, optimism, the expectancy of good.  Positive thought sets in motion powerful principles.

Look and dwell on the good in all persons and situations rather than wasting time and thought on lesser appearances.  This renews your mind, body and affairs and attracts miracles of good.  God reaches you and fills you with His power through your mind.  He may be revealed to you through the signal of “a still small voice” of conscience.  He may come through an idea that flashes across your mind or through the words of a friend or an article you read.  He may be revealed to you through prayer and meditation or through wisdom gained in an outer experience.  But his communication will always reach your mind and heart before you assimilate it and put it to work.

Thoughts are either positive or negative.  If they are positive thoughts, usually expressed in faith and optimism, they will draw more good through channels of peace, health, prosperity and love to you.  If they are negative thoughts, usually expressed in fear, doubt and pessimism, they will draw more negation to you through channels of illness, poverty, inharmony and disaster.

Daily practice of prayer and meditation is the first step.  Prayer calms your outer thoughts and awakens the presence and power of Spirit within you and all around you.  Prayer is the most effective method of renewal and transformation, because in prayer you associate with God and not with the problem.

Release the problem to God for the solution.  In doing this, you are relieved of tension and struggle and experience peace and renewal.  This process makes way for the answer and solution, which is what you hope and pray for.

Daily practice of praise and acknowledgement is another step.  It brings out the good in both you and other people.  It produces harmony and good will.  Praise is dwelling on the good in people and situations and making the most of that good.  You can change your attitude and your life through daily use of prayer and praise.  You can also experience unlimited good through the powerful combination of prayer and praise in high, positive thought and vision.”

Prosperity Affirmations:
“New doors of good now open to me.  With a confident spirit, I go forth and experience Happiness, Prosperity and Abundant Living.”

“Everything that comes in my life is good and I have only the good.  Health, Wealth and Happiness are my Divine Right and I claim and experience them now.”

“The spirit of success is now working in me.  I am divinely guided, healed, prospered and blessed.”

Have a wonderful and prosperous day!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

CATHERINE PONDER is regarded as having been among the most prominent women prosperity-success writers/lecturers in the last half of the twentieth century.  Author of the long-term bestseller The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, she has received many awards and recognitions, and is listed in Who s Who in the World. She describes her memoir, A Prosperity Love Story as her own personal and professional adventure of rags to enrichment one that now continues into the twenty-first century.

Catherine Ponder is considered one of America’s foremost inspirational authors.  She has written more than a dozen books, which include such bestsellers as her Millionaires of the Bible series.  She is a minister of the non-denominational Unity faith and has been described as “the Norman Vincent Peale among lady ministers.”  She has served in Unity Churches since 1956, and heads a global ministry in Palm Desert, California.


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Beholding the One in All by Paramahansa Yogananda 1949

“He is the cleverest, who finds God,
He is the cleverest, who gives the time to find God,
He is the cleverest, who finds that supreme happiness within,
You can stand unshaken amidst the crash of breaking worlds,
He’s whose peace, the riches of peace, cannot be taken away
by all the robbers of circumstances and trials.”

The world continues to move faster and faster with technology, innovations and almost everything available 24/7 thanks to the Internet.  People are doing so much more every day and multi-tasking without the conscious understanding they are not fully paying attention or being present to their own souls and life.  People are so busy staying in touch and having a relationship with radiated smart phones they are like hamsters running on a wheel with so much stress and activity.  The cost is losing quality of life, true communication and relationships and habitual living like robots.

How much peace, joy, health, wisdom, abundance, balance and harmony do you have in your life?

Do you give your spiritual growth and development the time it deserves?
Do you eat properly, exercise, meditate or read enlightening books by the masters?

How much time do you give to your work, family and pleasures each day?
How much time do you directly focus on a conscious relationship with God each day?

Now you see clearly why your life is exactly the way it is.
Our focused attention determines where our energy and resources go.

With the blessing of free will, God lets us choose what we want and whatever we choose has consequences – regardless of what we think.  Equal justice for all,
known as Karma.

The answer lies within.  When we truly connect with our heart and natural essence God is always waiting for us there.  Thankfully God has infinite patience and understanding.

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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