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Everything in life is made of energy and has a spiritual component to it.  We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience on earth.  What we are, think and do have a spiritual element.

Thoughts and beliefs combine with emotions and feelings.  They are sent into the body and out to the universe by our energy and focused attention.  The more powerful an emotion is for a specific thought or belief the more energy it has and the faster it manifests.

This works for thoughts whether they are positive or negative.  People usually do not have problems with positive thoughts, feelings and results.  We tend not to like or want to look at our negative outcomes, experiences, behaviors, actions, words and thoughts.  As a result, people resist the negative things in their lives, which keeps them locked in place to repeat over and over and over.  Examples of negative things are bad habits, compulsions or addictions, etc. 

Often people are afraid to look at their negative patterns and sweep them under the rug and pretend they never happened.  This resistance to what is keeps the problems safely intact and sealed forever.  We bury the key to our freedom and lock in place a lifetime of misery with our resistance.

Negative thoughts and outcomes are fear based.  Fear tends to scare or confuse people.  Most people do whatever it takes to avoid their fears along with emotions and consequences.  This is a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Until we acknowledge or tell the truth about something, we are not able to fully see or accept it – keeping the resistance and pattern locked in place.  As people avoid life’s unpleasant things, improvement or transformation cannot take place until one is willing to simply observe (w/o judgment) the negative thought/emotion/behavior/outcome.

By allowing ourselves and life to be the way it is, we empower healthy growth and transformation of even the deepest and most challenging behaviors and patterns.

A thought or belief, whether we are conscious of it or not, goes directly into the subconscious.  The subconscious mind takes everything in like a camera.  The subconscious doesn’t take a joke – it records everything.  Our self-talk is critical in developing a positive pattern, as we program our mind with everything we think, say and do.  The subconscious mind is the storehouse of memory.  Memory is tied to emotions, like when we re-experience any past event or go into the future to visualize something.  Emotion is energy in motion.  Thoughts and Emotions are real things and have great power!

Negative thoughts, emotions, people, environments, etc. create stress, negative energy and eventually dis-ease.  Every person is unique and chooses their own pattern of thoughts, emotions and behaviors like picking a flavor at your local ice-cream shop.  Many times we are just duplicating the patterns from our parents and families.  The more often we choose the same thought, pattern, or behavior the stronger it becomes and the more powerful its manifestation.  Eventually these patterns becomes our habitual way of life.

“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…”
Proverbs 23:7a

People learn by duplication or monkey see monkey do.  We have the power to create anything we want, so let’s start taking responsibility for what we put in our minds,  bodies and environment.

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach








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People will forget what you said III


Do you nurture yourself and others in your thoughts, feelings, words and actions?

Are you gentle with yourself or are you tough, harsh and demanding?

Why not let go of judgment and harshness by giving yourself and others grace?

We are all Spiritual Beings having a human experience on earth.

We make mistakes and have accidents as we learn and grow individually and collectively.  We are human and things happen here on planet earth.  Life is hard enough without making it worse, on ourselves or others.  A little kindness makes a world of difference and creates solutions.

Life is precious and we each face pain, suffering loss and challenges.  Who doesn’t have their cross to bear?  Never underestimate the size of someone’s heart or contribution.  People need to be acknowledged, recognized and appreciated.

Acknowledgement is powerful.  It is amazing when a person feels acknowledged.  Something in them relaxes – they feel seen and heard.  It is an unconditional space of love and beingness, forgiveness and healing.

It is also important to acknowledge ourselves.  Give yourself a gift – sit down in a good place with some quiet time for reflection.  Write down all of the positive qualities and traits you can acknowledge about yourself.  Look in the mirror, make eye contact with that special being and tell yourself how wonderful you are!

We can be a beacon to this world as our light, compassion and kindness ignites others and inspires them onward and upward on their journey.

Be the best you can be and watch your light shine brightly to inspire others and they will do the same.  We can lift others up with one thought, one communication and one action – one person at a time.

Our world needs more hope, inspiration and encouragement.  Give yourself and others the benefit of your heart, compassion and care.  Use the Power of Acknowledgement for the greatest good of all concerned.

“A little acknowledgement goes a long way.”
Michael Wyman

Go total!
Make a difference!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

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Hope Diamond


“I enjoy an income I can never outlive, because I can never outlive God.  The wealth of the Infinite is my daily supply.  I can never be separated from God, therefore I can never be without my share of the Infinite’s good.

The future holds no terrors for me.  Today God gives me peace, health, power and plenty.  Tomorrow, next year, five years from now, or twenty, regardless of changing conditions in the outer world, God will still be God.  This year or next, it will still be true that only negative thoughts and feelings in my own mind and heart can obstruct the free flow of God’s wealth, health, peace and power in my life.  All that God is – love, peace, joy, wisdom, creative power, beauty, truth, plenitude of good – is my eternal birthright.

God and I are forever one.  Today is glorious because I am in Him and He is in me.
In all the universe there is nothing for me to fear. I live without anxiety.”



🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

(This inspirational information was sent to me by Fabulous Francesca Martell and probably comes from a Science of Mind or Unity publication.)

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“He who has health has hope, he who has hope has everything.”
Thomas Carlyle

The human body is one of the greatest miracles in the world.  The body is a self-healing, brilliant mechanism when used properly with love, awareness, balance and harmony.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience on earth.  We are blessed with unlimited potential to grow, learn and explore.

Health is more than the food we put in our body or exercise.  It is the air we breathe, the water we drink, the thoughts we think, the beliefs and values we choose, the words we speak, the tone and expression we use, the actions we take and the love and goodness we share with our selves and the world.

Our health is spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and financial.

Our health is affected by our relationships and the environments we live and work in.

Our bodies are equipped with incredible senses of sound, sight, smell, touch and taste.
We have so much to be thankful for and we are blessed with unlimited possibilities.

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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