Meditation, Yogananda

From The Truth Journal
February/March 2016
by Roy Eugene Davis:

“We are units of the absolute, pure-essence of ultimate Reality commonly referred to as God.  Self-realization is direct experience and knowledge of our true nature.  God-realization is direct experience and knowledge of ultimate Reality.”

We might think that everyone would immediately want to awaken from ordinary human conditions to Self- and God-realization, and that their awakening would be fast and easy. 
An interesting fact is very few people are sincerely interested in being Self- and God-realized, and many who say they are interested don’t do what is necessary to have their mind and awareness illuminated.

On a spiritual path, although it can be helpful to have the wise guidance of a spiritually awake teacher, it is not always possible.  With, or without, an ideal relationship with a spiritual teacher, we should remember the real teacher is our own pure essence which has complete knowledge of relative life (Nature) and transcendent realities within it.

Real spiritual perceptions are transformative.  Authentic spiritual awakening makes us live wisely, brings forth our divine qualities, and reveals our innate knowledge of higher realities.  We cannot be Self-realized and provincial, small-minded or egocentric at the same time.

We can use our exceptional abilities to live effectively and quicken our spiritual awakening, just as we use ordinary skills for these purposes.  Doing anything for egocentric purposes will interfere with spiritual awakening and may cause problems for us and others.

To be spiritually enlightened, we don’t have to depart from the physical world.  We only have to awaken from conditions that blur and confine our awareness and incline us to prefer to be limited and incompetent.

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

Roy Eugene Davis was inspired at an early age to develop a relationship with the Divine and to devote his life to serving others.  Roy is one of the few living disciples of Paramahansa Yogananda still teaching and was ordained by him in 1952.  Roy is the spiritual director of the Center for Spiritual Awareness, incorporating the Kriya Yoga meditation methods learned from his Guru. 
Center for Spiritual Awareness


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