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The True Cause and Reversal of Human Disease
By Dr. Mick Hall

The core essence of what we are is Unconditional Love.  When in a state of integrated harmony with our core essence, we are happy and content.  Within this state of integrated harmony is found the true meaning of “Integrity.”

Integrity, “a state or quality of being complete, undivided; or unbroken; entirety.”  When you align with integrity, you feel your personal power.  Feeling self-empowered engenders a feeling of confidence, peace, joy and contentment.  In a confident state of peace, joy and contentment, all fear and neediness is dispelled.

To the degree you are out of integrity, or misaligned with your core essence of Unconditional Love, you become fearful and needy: or “stressed out.”  You are uncomfortable in this state of dis-ease, and in time, this emotional dis-ease will crystallize in the body, as disease.

A greater secret will never be found for the reversal of all human ills than this: “Align yourself with the integrity of what you really are, and continuously express yourself with Kindness and Total Acceptance toward yourself and to all others.”

Hence, the powerful truth behind the old adage: “To Thine Own Self Be True.”

Dr. Mick Hall is a Naturopathic doctor/nutritionist/healer.
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From “The I Ching, Book of Changes” by Brian Browne Walker:

Cling to the power of higher truth.

“It is the nature of being human that we are dependent in many ways: dependent on water, air and food for nourishment; dependent on shelter for warmth and protection; dependent on each other for family life and friendship.  We are also spiritually dependent: when challenges arise, each of us must have someplace to turn to for guidance and support.

The image is a fire clinging to the wood that it burns.  Without a source of fuel, there can be no fire.  Likewise, a person without a source of spiritual sustenance cannot give off light in dark and challenging times.

Difficult situations tempt us to doubt the power of humility, acceptance and correct behavior.  We long to abandon our inner balance and lash out.  It is just at such moments that it is most important to cling to what we know to be good, true and correct – like fire clings to the log it burns.  By doing this we obtain the aid of the Higher Power.

You are advised to cling to proper principles now.  Quietly, willingly, joyfully cling to what is superior in yourself; cling to the possibility of a positive outcome in the situation that faces you, no matter how unlikely it may seem; cling to the good in others, even when it is obscured by inferior influences; and cling to the power of God to deliver truth where it is needed.

Trying times bring us the gift of showing where our devotion to proper principles ends.  Deepen that devotion now, cling to truth, acceptance and independence and you will meet with success.

A steady mind and heart meet with success.  Be content to progress step by step.  Worry and agitation only slow you down now.  A true change of heart is possible when we accept the necessity of adversity.  Peace comes when we discontinue the strivings of the ego.”

🙂 Lee
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The I Ching is more than just a book, it is a living, breathing oracle, an all seeing teacher.  It has survived for thousands of years and is regarded as the foundation of Chinese wisdom and philosophy.  It was instrumental to sages such as Confucius.”

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“Life is a series of tests which, if squarely faced, give us greater mental strength and peace of mind.  Learn to rely more on your Heavenly Father for guidance and understanding.  Fill your empty moments with love for Him, and you will know that you are not alone.” 

Paramahansa Yogananda

Have a wonderful and prosperous day!

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80% of success is showing up!”
Woody Allen

This is your life.  It is real and not a dress rehearsal.
This is it.  This moment is all you have.
Are you giving it your best?

It does not matter what your situation is.  It does not matter what you finances are,
your age, sex, religion, nationality, etc.  What matters is your heart, what you want to create and your level of belief and commitment.

By “showing up” you are already on your way to success.

The Game of Life can be very challenging at times.  It can bring us down to our knees and humble us in a moment.  Regardless of the challenges or the circumstances, we can transform and be successful right now.

There is always hope.  Will you let go of the negative and accentuate the positive?
Will you give yourself a chance for a new moment, a new reality?
Do you acknowledge the SOURCE within you of all life and supply?

All things are possible.  The good that you have been seeking is seeking you!
Let go of the old and open your mind and heart to something new.

Choose health, joy, success and prosperity!

Be 100% committed.  Invest in yourself with all of your energy.  Energy is essential to make things happen.  Everything in the universe is made out of energy.  Raise your energy and move forward in the direction of your dreams.

Start acknowledging the positive things, people, situations or circumstances in life.  Be thankful for whatever you have.  Start where you are, with what you have and do what you can.  Take life one moment at a time.  Be present and focus on the good at hand.

Life presents us with a choice every moment.  Listen to your intuition and choose the highest and best outcome available.  You can make your dream happen.

Life opens up when we do.

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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