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Perseverance – to persist in spite of difficulties.

Life on planet earth is a test of faith, belief and proper principles.  We experience moments and situations which force us to go to the very core.

Our challenges, struggles and pain push us to discover our higher truth and look deeper into our lives and circumstances.

To persevere through life’s hardships is
to demonstrate true courage and determination.  When all seems lost, is precisely when the light appears, as it is darkest just before the dawn.

What does not destroy us makes us stronger.

One of the important lessons to learn is to follow our truth from within.  When we are clear on what we want to create and why, we discover our vision and purpose.

Seek to discover what is true for you.  Never underestimate the size of someone’s heart, especially your own.  What is your heroic mission?  Why are you here?

Anything is possible when we have the right attitude, energy and a definite purpose. Great achievements are made because people listen to their heart, truth and vision, not to their critics or fears.

“Never give up, for that is the place and time that the tides will turn.”
Harriet Beecher Stowe

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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The Power of the Spoken Word II


From The Power of the Spoken Word
by Florence Scovel Shinn:

“Look back in your life and see how you have attracted either happiness or disaster through your words.  The subconscious has no sense of humor.  People joke destructively about themselves and the subconscious takes it seriously.  It is because the mental picture you make while speaking impresses the subconscious and works out on the external.

A person who knows the power of the word becomes very careful of his conversation.  He has only to watch the reaction of his words to know they do not return void.  People make their worst mistakes by speaking while they are angry or resentful, because there is so much ill-feeling back of their words.  Owing to the vibratory power of words, what you voice, you begin to attract.  Invisible forces are every working for man, who is always pulling the strings for himself, though he does not know it.”

Enjoy this wonderful book and inspiration of Florence Scovel Shinn who shares prosperity consciousness and spiritual wisdom.

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach
The World

Back in the 1920’s and 30’s, a beacon of light shared hope, truth and prosperity.  Florence Scovel Shinn taught metaphysics and prosperity consciousness in New York for many years during the Great Depression.  Over the past 90 years, these universal teachings continue to help people discover and live the divine plan of their lives.  Florence Scovel Shinn’s books have a knack of finding their way to remote and unexpected places.


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Forgiveness - Open Yourself


Loving Kindness and Forgiveness are the keys to freedom.

When something is off balance in our life,
it is often a signal forgiveness is needed in some form.

Sometimes forgiveness is for another person, sometimes it is for our self.  Give yourself and others a little grace.  We are all human/spiritual beings, we make mistakes and do some of the strangest things.

“To err is human; to forgive, divine.”
Alexander Pope

To forgive means to let go, it does not mean to condone someone’s words or actions.  When we hold a grudge or judge another person, we stick ourselves to that energy, pattern and vibration.

The only way to peace and freedom is to let go and forgive.
Sometimes the hardest person to forgive is ourselves.

Life presents us with many opportunities to learn and practice true forgiveness.
Look for appropriate situations and follow your heart.  After all, how can we treat others better than we treat ourselves?

Give yourself a few minutes in a quiet, peaceful place to breath and let it all go.  Ask your heart, your Higher Self if there is anyone or any situation to forgive in your life.
See what shows up.

In the end, love is the answer.
Love is all there is.

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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In ancient days, the nation of Israel
was in bondage and slavery in the land
of Egypt.  How the mighty Israelite’s had fallen from the days of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  They were exiled from their homes, lost most of their wealth and lived under heavy taskmasters in Egypt building the pyramids.

Doesn’t this sound similar to how many of us are living today?

The story of Passover describes how the Jewish people became free to reclaim their divine heritage and find their Promised Land.  It full of powerful lessons we can learn from, even today.  The stories of The Bible are metaphors as the cycles of history repeat themselves again and again in modern ways.

The story of Moses freeing the Jewish People is a metaphor for transforming the darkest, negative circumstances in our lives to freedom, joy, health, love, success and prosperity.  It relates to eradicating the negative, destructive beliefs, thoughts, emotions and behaviors in our lives and discovering the path to spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and financial freedom and independence.

The Promised Land or the Land of Milk and Honey is available to each of us.  We each have areas of darkness, despair, pain and suffering in our lives, health, families and circumstances.  Every person has their cross to bear.  We create our reality and become our own taskmasters or enlist the aid of others to do so.

Ask yourself this question:
Do I want to free myself and take total responsibility for my life and conduct?

Are you willing to acknowledge your patterns of darkness, negativity and fear?
Are you willing to forgive yourself and others?

Are you will to follow your still, small voice within?
Will you live by the Golden Rule even when it is not easy or convenient?

What is your focus?
What is your vision and purpose for your life?

Most people in the world primarily live in fear.  The powers who control the wealth on the planet want to keep the world in darkness and slavery to build their pyramids and fortify their greed, power and control.  We are programmed how to live, what we should want and kept in fear.  Until we break free from this conditioning nothing is going to change.

Do you have the courage to find the light, to discover your higher purpose and go total (100% faith and trust)?  Take a good self-inventory of your life in all areas.  What is the real quality of your health, relationships and career?  Are you happy, joyous and fulfilled?  Do you feel peace in your heart and mind?

Start living your life from within your heart and consciousness.  Meditate, spend time
in nature, eat healthy and exercise.  Help others and give of yourself and stop being a selfish, self-centered person living from the ego/mind.

The Game of Life is actually simple, though it may not easy.  Actualizing our full creative potential is the ultimate purpose and to have a conscious relationship with God.

For in the end, this is where we are all heading.  It is the greatest game of all and the greatest story ever told.

Have a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous Day!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach
Your Promised Land





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