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As Spiritual Beings, we are created in the image of God and from the same energy as God Almighty, Master Creator of the Universe.

I am a Spiritual Being, connected with this powerful energy and unlimited potential.



From Life & Teaching of the Masters of the Far East, Volume V,

Powerful affirmations by Baird T. Spalding:

“God I Am as all are, God I Am Divine Intelligence.

I Am Divine Principle, I Am Divine Love and it flows through me to all the world.

God I Am Success.  God I Am abundantly able to succeed in every effort that I truthfully designate.

God I Am the infinite love that attracts all substance to me that brings forth my success.

God I Am the intelligence that guides all of my success into right and profitable channels.

I Am the noble God Mind.

God I Am the noble principle of all things.

I praise God within for the healing perfection of life.”

May you be blessed with the Divine Plan of your life, under grace and in perfect ways!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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You are totally unique.
There is no one else exactly like you.

You have special gifts and talents no one else has on the planet.

You are one of a kind and irreplaceable.

Give yourself permission to be the unique expression you are.  Allow yourself to be the way you are.

What is your heroic mission?

What is your vision and purpose for your life?
What is your divine plan?

It’s a matter of heart and courage.  So many people want to fit in, and be liked and approved of by others.  Why not give yourself your own approval with the power of self acknowledgement?

Take a good look in the mirror.  Use your heart as your eyes to acknowledge the truth about you and what you see about yourself.

I am healthy, whole and complete.
I am eternal, universal, immortal and infinite and what I am is beautiful.
I am a Spiritual Being with unlimited, divine potential.
I am unconditionally loving, joyous and abundant.
I am a creator.

Acknowledge yourself for your wonderful qualities every day.

Acknowledge and encourage the people around you and make their day brighter.

You are a light to this world.

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

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From Love Without End
by Glenda Green:

The Love That You Are
“Let’s return to the truth and consider you are love, that love is not an action, and not a commodity you give or trade.  You can’t leverage love, barter it, or exchange it as currency.

You can’t possess it or brag about how much more you have than another.  When you truly understand love, you will be unable to view it as an external factor.  When we think of love as an external thing we run into conflict with external conditions.  These conditions vanish, however, with the realization that love is who we are.”

Life is a game of giving and receiving.

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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I Am a creator.
I Am pure energy.
I Am a Spiritual Being.

We have the power to create.  We choose and focus our creative energy at will.  Our energy and resources are precious.

Let’s use them wisely and for the best of all concerned.

We can be an inspiration by our energy and example.  This is an important time.  People are searching and in need of hope, inspiration and upliftment.

Make a difference and think positive.
Encourage yourself and others.
Take positive actions.
Be Kind.

Sometimes the smallest acts of kindness create the most powerful results.
Do what you can with what you have right now.
Move forward in a positive direction.

A smile or a kind word or deed can save someone’s life or change their world.

People may not remember what you said; they remember how you made them feel.

Be a Smile Millionaire!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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