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Awakening takes place in our hearts and experience.
We cannot access higher states of consciousness in our mind or ego.

The mind is a wonderful super-computer and great for many things.
The heart is where we feel love, discover our truth and have relationships.
It is where God waits for us.

“Those who know the truth, learn to love it.
Those who love the truth, learn to live it.”

Have the courage to take the inner journey to find your highest truth.
Meditation can lead you to higher consciousness within your heart and soul.

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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From How to Use Your Creative Imagination, by Roy Eugene Davis:

“Because you are a spiritual being, you already have the ability to either remove or transcend all limiting conditions that may have, until now, opposed your endeavors
to live freely, enjoyably and effectively.  As this is being accomplished, the necessary resources and supportive events, circumstances and relationships for your highest good will be spontaneously provided and your spiritual growth will be rapid and satisfying.

Nurture Spiritual Awareness

Lack of understanding is the primary obstacle to spiritual growth.  Replace unknowingness with insight into your true nature and your relationship with the Infinite, You are a unit of one field of Consciousness (God).  Ponder it until you comprehend it.  While believing this to be so is helpful, realizing (knowing and experiencing) it is redemptive: it restores soul awareness to wholeness.  Discard the erroneous notion that there is a separation between spiritual and material realities.  The universe is a manifestation of cosmic forces emanated from and sustained by one field of Consciousness.

Nurture spiritual awareness by using your powers of intelligence and intuition.
Observe the distinction between you as an observer and what you observe.  Replace troublesome habits with the soul-liberating habit of constant, divine self-remembrance and God-awareness.

Meditate daily to the stage of superconsciousness, then sit in the deep silence.  As your awareness becomes clarified, your innate knowledge of the one field of Consciousness and its processes will be unveiled.  Exceptional powers of perception and extraordinary functional abilities will emerge.  You will discover whatever you can vividly imagine and believe to be real, if it can be manifested in accord with the laws of nature, can be expressed or experienced.

Creative imagination and skillful living will enable you to live as you deserve to live.  It is your destiny to be spiritually enlightened.  At the innermost level of your being you are now whole, serene and knowledgeable.  Assume this to be true and let it be actualized.”

Roy Eugene Davis, an internationally acclaimed author and teacher of meditation and spiritual growth processes, is founder of the Center for Spiritual Awareness.  Roy is the only remaining direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda still teaching Kriya Yoga.

For more information, visit The Center for Spiritual Awareness

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

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The World


From Truth Journal by Roy Eugene Davis, April-May & June-July 2014:

“Many more people are learning to meditate.  A full-page article in The Economist, an internationally distributed news magazine, reported that many people are being attracted to meditation as a way to function more effectively in an increasingly busy and stressful world.  Many individuals and organizations are now actively promoting their forms of meditation.

The dramatic surge of interest that occurred in the 1960s has spread into mainstream western society.  It is common to hear many medical doctors and other health professionals recommend meditation to their patient-clients.

Choose To Be Spiritually Enlightened

Enlighten – to provide knowledge with wisdom.  Spiritual enlightenment is conscious realization of one’s immortal, changeless essence (true nature) and ultimate reality.

The ultimate purpose for our sojourn in this universe is to awaken from dreamlike states of awareness and have our consciousness restored to its original, pure wholeness.

What is mainly needed for spiritual enlightenment:
1) A sincere desire to be fully conscious
2) Willingness and ability to learn what is essential to know
3) A decisive intention to be wisely self-disciplined.

Orderly, progressive growth with the following benefits:
1) The mind will be purified
2) Awareness will be clarified
3) Consciousness will be illumined by the radiance of one’s essence of being
4) Flawless Self-knowledge will be unveiled
5) Liberation from all former, restrictive conditions will be permanent

Meditate to be superconscious.  Holistic living, mental and emotional calmness, aspiration to be spiritually enlightened, profound study of metaphysical (higher) realities and regular superconscious meditation practice allow spiritual awakening to effortlessly occur.”

“Every day, meditate more deeply than you did the day before.”
Paramahansa Yogananda

“Read a little. Meditate more.  Think about God all the time.”
Paramahansa Yogananda

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


We met Roy Eugene Davis on March 5, 2005 while attending his meditation workshop in Costa Mesa, CA.  Our lives changed forever on this day.  For the first time I was able to meditate easily with Roy’s guidance and simple techniques.

Roy is an inspiration and expresses the essence of his Guru and teacher, Paramahansa Yogananda.  Visit Roy at his beautiful, Center for Spiritual Awareness in Georgia or visit his website.
His meditation CD and other books are available through the CSA website.

More important benefits of meditation:
Healing Meditation

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Words Are Enegy


We constantly talk; to ourselves and others.  Our “self-talk” creates our feelings, actions, outcomes and reality.

With positive “self-talk” we empower our self-esteem, self-confidence and self-image.  With negative “self-talk” we destroy it.

Words are powerful: once we say something out loud, it cannot be taken back.  Choose your words with care and awareness.  Words can inspire, encourage, heal and prosper or they can devastate, damage and destroy.
The person we hurt the most is ourselves.  Choose with discernment, because the subconscious doesn’t take a joke….it takes everything in.

Most human beings inherit negative patterns, beliefs and values from upbringing, environment or experience and choices.  Simply observing and bringing conscious awareness to behaviors, thoughts and feeling allows them to unwire.  Use the power of acknowledgement and allow what is to be.

Affirmations can be useful – repeat them consistently over 21 days.  Say them out loud and then quietly repeat them in your mind and being silently.  Positive actions speak louder than words, so take daily and consistent action.  This creates a new pattern or belief system.

Choose affirmations which resonate with you and intuitively feel good.  Words and pictures create strong images and feelings.  Combining the words of an affirmation, with strong emotions, feelings and pictures, creates a powerful dynamic force.

Napoleon Hill, in his book “Think and Grow Rich“ stresses the power of autosuggestion.  Tony Robbins highlights the power of “incantations” and credits much of his success to reprogramming his brain, belief systems and actions through words linked to powerful states and physiologies.

“Any person who does not know the power of the spoken word is behind the times.”
Florence Scovel Shinn

Catherine Ponder shares writing out our desires and then picturing them creates our good on the invisible plane and send out the energy into the universe.  The energy links with creative substance and the universe fills our order.  We must be congruent and believe we deserve it.  Our spoken words of prosperity align with our energy to form and create definite results in the physical world.

“Be definite about your words about prosperity, if you want prosperity to be definite about you!
By using prosperity affirmations, you are not trying to make God give you anything.  You are only opening your mind to receive the abundance that God has already given you.”

“I have a large, steady and permanent financial income now.”

“I give thanks for a quick and substantial increase in my financial income now.”

Remember, everything is energy.  Thoughts, words, pictures, feelings and actions all attract like energy.  What we give out comes back, what goes around comes around.  Life is a game of giving and receiving.

Our spoken words of prosperity, encouragement and success have prospering power.

There is GOLD DUST in the air!

prosperously yours,
🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

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