Have a Magnificent Day!

Maya Angelou, People will forget what you said II


Do you nurture yourself and others in your thoughts, feelings, words and actions?

Are you gentle with yourself or are you tough, harsh and demanding?

Why not let go of judgment and harshness by giving yourself and others grace?

We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience on earth.

We make mistakes and have accidents as we learn and grow individually and collectively.  We are human and things happen here on planet earth.  Life is hard enough without making it worse, on ourselves or others.  A little kindness makes a world of difference and creates solutions.

Life is precious and we each face pain, suffering loss and challenges.  Who doesn’t have their cross to bear?  Never underestimate the size of someone’s heart or contribution.  People need to be acknowledged, recognized and appreciated.

Acknowledgement is powerful.  It is amazing when a person feels acknowledged.  Something in them relaxes – they feel seen and heard.  It is an unconditional space of love and beingness, forgiveness and healing.

It is also important to acknowledge ourselves.  Give yourself a gift – sit down in a good place with some quiet time for reflection.  Write down all of the positive qualities and traits you can acknowledge about yourself.  Look in the mirror, make eye contact with that special being and tell yourself how wonderful you are!

We can be a beacon to this world as our light, compassion and kindness ignites others and inspires them onward and upward on their journey.

Be the best you can be and watch your light shine brightly to inspire others and they will do the same.  We can lift others up with one thought, one communication and one action – one person at a time.

Our world needs more hope, inspiration and encouragement.  Give yourself and others the benefit of your heart, compassion and care.  Use the Power of Acknowledgement for the greatest good of all concerned.

“A little acknowledgement goes a long way.”
Michael Wyman

Go total!
Have fun!
Make a difference!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

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pain - thoughts


Fear and negative emotions manifest in the human body and destroy cellular function and vitality.  Eventually the cells mutate and become a disease such as cancer, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, ulcers, back pain, etc.  The energy manifests in the weakest area of a person’s body.

It starts with a thought, belief or value combining with emotion and creating an energy pattern which manifests in our bodies and reality.  The energy goes out into the universe creating the results in our life, including health, relationships, careers, financial outcomes, etc.

Thoughts combine with emotions creating either positive or negative energy in the mind and body.  The energy becomes words, actions and results which create healthy cells or destroy cells.  This creates healthy patterns and healthy relationships or negative patterns and negative relationships.

When the energy of a cell increases from positive energy, the integrity and vitality of the cell is enlivened and life force is enhanced.  When the energy in cells decrease from negative energy, the integrity and vitality of the cell is reduced and life force is diminished which leads to health problems and dis-ease.

Negative thoughts and emotions drop the life force in cells and the body like a lead balloon.  Our thoughts and emotions manifest in our body and in the universe.  This is simply the Law of Attraction or the Law of Focused Attention.  The more we think or focus on something and the stronger we feel about it, the faster or more powerful it manifests.  This works for both positive or negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

We create our reality and our lives, as we are created in God’s image and blessed with co-creative ability.  We are totally responsible for everything in our life.  Our thoughts, emotions, words and behaviors create our health, relationships and life experiences.  Modern medicine treats symptoms and not the cause.  This explains why many people have the same health problem after surgery or medication relieved the original condition temporarily.

Until a person changes the cause – which originates as a negative, fear-based thought – the disease will return in one form or another.  Fear and Disease are disguised blessings warning us something is out of balance and harmony in our lives.  It is a signal to wake up and pay attention so we can change how we are thinking, speaking, acting and living or being.  It is part of the brilliant self-healing mechanism of the human body.  If we do not heed the warning and return to balance, the problem worsens and eventually causes significant destruction and even death.

FEAR is looked upon by our society as bad or negative.  Most people go to extremes to avoid fear, which is resisting the moment or what is and locks the negative pattern in place.  Only the light of awareness and acknowledgement dispels the darkness, illusion and fear to allow the healing process to begin.  FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.  Unless we look at our fears with honesty, sincerity and a willingness to see it all, healing cannot fully take place.  We are keeping the negative pattern safe and secure to run its course.  We create everything in our lives, including our dis-eases.

There is no mystery here.  This information has been available and passed down in the Ancient Wisdom’s for thousands of years in many civilizations around the world.  Being healthy is not a secret.  There are alternative, safe and natural remedies which are much less expensive and invasive than medical cures and procedures.  Many people prefer to take a pill for most health issues or have it cut out by a doctor.  Our society is programmed not to take responsibility for what we create in our health and lives.

Taking the easy way out is actually the hardest and most painful way – it focuses on the symptoms and not the cause.  This approach keeps us removed from being responsible and the source of our own lives.

Fear, illness and negative energy are man’s creation.  Addressed with proper principles there is a way out of pain and suffering to health and well being.  By acknowledging the truth, no matter how intense or scary the fear may appear to be, we can create true health, vitality and success in all areas of our lives.  The answer lies within.  It is a process of self-discovery to regain our natural essence as enlightened spiritual beings.

The choice is yours and always has been.  Stop giving your power away to the medical profession and cultural conditioning and programming.  You can do anything with a sincere foundation of faith and a willingness to see and live the truth in your life.

“I Am an Unlimited, Immortal, Universal and Infinite Spiritual Being and what I Am is Beautiful – as a child of Almighty God!”

All things are possible, spread the word.
Health, Wealth, Love & Perfect Self-Expression!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach










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Everything in life is made of energy and has
a spiritual component to it.  We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience on earth.  What we are, think and do have a spiritual element.

Thoughts and beliefs combine with emotions and feelings.  They are sent into the body and out to the universe by our energy and focused attention.  The more powerful an emotion is for a specific thought or belief the more energy it has and the faster it manifests.

This works for thoughts whether they are positive or negative.  People usually do not have problems with positive thoughts, feelings and results.  We tend not to like or want to look at our negative outcomes, experiences, behaviors, actions, words and thoughts.  As a result, people resist the negative things in their lives, which keeps them locked in place to repeat over and over and over.  Examples of negative things are bad habits, compulsions or addictions, etc.

Often people are afraid to look at their negative patterns and sweep them under the rug and pretend they never happened.  This resistance to what is keeps the problems safely intact and sealed forever.  We bury the key to our freedom and lock in place a lifetime of misery with our resistance and ignorance.

Negative thoughts and outcomes are fear based.  Fear tends to scare or confuse people.  Most people do whatever it takes to avoid their fears along with emotions and consequences.  This is a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Until we acknowledge or tell the truth about something, we are not able to fully see or accept it – keeping the resistance and pattern locked in place.  As people avoid life’s unpleasant things, improvement or transformation cannot take place until one is willing to simply observe (w/o judgment) the negative thought, emotion, behavior or outcome.

By allowing ourselves, others and life to be the way it is, we empower healthy growth and transformation of even the deepest and most challenging behaviors and patterns.

A thought or belief goes directly into the subconscious, whether we are conscious of it or not.  The subconscious mind takes everything in like a camera.  The subconscious doesn’t take a joke – it records everything.  Our self-talk is critical in developing a positive pattern, as we program our mind with everything we think, say and do.  The subconscious mind is the storehouse of memory.  Memory is tied to emotions, like when we re-experience any past event or go into the future to visualize something.  Emotion is energy in motion.  Thoughts and Emotions are real things and have great power!

Negative thoughts, emotions, people, environments, etc. create stress, negative energy and eventually dis-ease.  Every person is unique and chooses their own pattern of thoughts, emotions and behaviors like picking a flavor at your local ice-cream shop.  Many times we are just duplicating the patterns from our parents and families.  The more often we choose the same thought, pattern, or behavior the stronger it becomes and the more powerful its manifestation.  Eventually these patterns becomes our habitual way of life.

“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…”
Proverbs 23:7a

People learn by duplication or monkey see monkey do.  We have the power to create anything we want, so let’s start taking responsibility for what we put in our minds, bodies and environment.

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach






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cause and effect


There are no mysteries regarding our health and life.  We live in a cause/effect universe.

Yet cultural programming can lead us on a path of not taking responsibility for our health and life, which keeps us in fear.  Where is joy, balance and harmony in our daily lives?  Look at the fast pace people are creating for their lives.  Is this natural and healthy?  People would rather take a pill or have surgery than deal with a health problem and be responsible.

Once we have the courage and focus to look within and detach from the ego, we discover our essence and energy as a spiritual being in human form.

Every condition we have is a direct result of what we do and how we do it; this includes our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, self-talk and the actions we take.  Every symptom we have is the effect of a specific cause.

The way we feed, exercise and care for our mind and body determines our level of health and function.  With the proper nutrients and support, our body responds by normalizing and healing itself.  The human body is a brilliant, self healing mechanism.

The key is to follow good and healthy patterns and let go of destructive patterns and eliminate them.  We have to allow the body the opportunity to do its natural, healing functions.  When we overwhelm the body with stress, food and toxins, the body is unable to properly process, detoxify, heal and revitalize.

If you wonder if something is good for you and your body, just notice how you feel after you eat it.  When it increases your energy and makes you feel good, it is a hint.  Notice how you feel around different people.  Notice how you feel in your home, work, office, etc.  If you feel bad or like your energy is being depleted, this is an important hint.  Your feelings are in your body and heart, not in your head so do not concern yourself too much with your thoughts.  Focus on how you feel in your body and pay attention to your five senses.  Listen to your intuition and the still, small voice within.

We are here to uplift, inspire and empower ourselves and others.
We are here to actualize our divine potential.

Substitute healthy patterns for negative patterns.  Let go of negative people, relationships, situations and circumstances and replace them with positive expressions of your heart’s desires.  Be present and do your best not to waste your energy in the past or future.  Discover your optimal place and expression each moment.

You can be and do whatever you want!
Have fun, be positive, thrive and prosper!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach









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