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When clouds fill the sky the sun is always shinning above them.  It is a matter of higher perspective and vision.  When life appears to be difficult, when we can’t take any more, remember there is a Higher Power…there is a way out of the madness.  The answer lies within.

Every challenge makes us stronger.  It urges us to dig deeper into our faith and abilities.  Life gives us a gift and it appears as loss, hurt, pain, death, failure, etc.  There is a silver lining and important lesson to be learned.  Usually forgiveness is involved.

Seek to learn the lesson.  Ask for a definite lead.  Are you sincerely open to grow and be of service?

What is your dream?
Why are you here?
What do you want to create?
What do you want to contribute?
What will your legacy be?

This is your time.
This is your moment.
No one said it was going to be easy.
It is worth it!

95% of our fears never happen.  Why be distracted by negativity or doubts?  Pain and suffering are actually friends to remind us to pay attention to something out of balance in our lives.  It is a wake up call.

Keep your vision clear and from a higher perspective see the sun shining brightly on your dream.  Regardless of the circumstances, the economy, the resources at hand, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

It is in the darkest times when all seems lost a ray of sunshine appears.  It brings hope and joy to our heart and renews our spirit.

Sometimes it comes from the helping hand of a friend or even a stranger.
Sometimes it comes from a beautiful sunrise or from nature.
Sometimes it comes from inner truth.
Sometimes it comes from a sweet song.

Listen for the still, small voice within. It is a signal from the Master.
Follow your dream, follow your heart……. it is your destiny.

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

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Are you having fun?
How good do you feel?
How often do you smile?

Enthusiasm is contagious.  No one can resist an enthusiastic person.

Smiles and laughter bring healing energy to our cells and joy to our hearts.  It is important to smile and laugh often every day.

Energy is powerful.  It cannot be created or destroyed; it can be focused and directed.
A positive attitude builds momentum in our thoughts, beliefs, words and deeds.  Consistency in thought, word and action increases the process of manifestation and self-actualization.

The better we think, the better we feel and the better we feel the better we think.  Good thoughts and feelings lead to better actions.

95% of our negative thoughts never happen.  Why waste time and energy being negative when 95% of the time what we are afraid of doesn’t happen?  Just let it go.  Goodbye drama!  Let’s focus on positive and constructive thoughts and opportunities. Detach from the ego/mind and discover the heart.  Be a heart with two ears!

What would happen if you surrounded yourself with uplifting, supportive, loving and fun people?

It’s wise to keep our energy, attitude, thoughts and words clear and positive.
The higher the vibration the better!

Energy attracts like energy so stay focused, positive and enthusiastic.

Anything is possible…there is GOLD DUST in the air!

Have a blessed day!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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From Keep Going – The Art of Perseverance by Joseph M. Marshall III:

A young man asked his grandfather why life had to be so difficult sometimes.  This was the old man’s reply.

Grandfather says this: “In life there is sadness as well as joy, losing as well as winning, falling as well as standing, hunger as well as plenty, badness as well as goodness.  I do not say this to make you despair, but to teach you reality.  Life is a journey sometimes walked in light, sometimes in shadow.”

Grandfather says this: “You did not ask to be born, but you are here.  You have weaknesses as well as strengths.  You have both because in life there is two of everything.  Within you is the will to win, as well as the willingness to lose.  Within you is the heart to feel compassion as well as the smallness to be arrogant.  Within you is the way to face life as well as the fear to turn away from it.”

Grandfather says this: “Life can give you strength.  Strength can come from facing the storms of life, from knowing loss, feeling sadness and heartache, from falling into the depths of grief.  You must stand up in the storm.  You must face the wind and the cold and the darkness.  When the storm blows hard you must stand firm, for it is not trying to knock you down, it is really trying to teach you to be strong.”

Grandfather says this: “Being strong means taking one more step toward the top of the hill, no matter how weary you may be.  It means letting the tears flow through the grief.  It means to keep looking for the answer, though the darkness of despair is all around you.  Being strong means to cling to hope for one more heartbeat, one more sunrise.  Each step, no matter how difficult, is one more step closer to the top of the hill.  To keep hope alive for one more heartbeat at a time leads to the light of the next sunrise, and the promise of a new day.”

Grandfather says this: “The weakest step toward the top of the hill, toward sunrise, toward hope, is stronger than the fiercest storm.”

Grandfather says this: “Keep Going.”

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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Chameleons adapt to any environment and blend in.  They blend in so well they become almost invisible.  Chameleons are amazing creatures with unique talents.

We too are blessed with the ability to transform and adapt to any situation, circumstance or environment.  We are flexible, creative and transformational.  Throughout history, mankind has adapted to incredible challenges and transcended death defying moments to succeed and thrive.

Regardless of the situation or circumstances, we are always growing.  We are constantly learning, developing and expanding our knowledge, experience and results.  There is one thing that usually changes slowly, if at all – our core principles and values.  They are strongly linked to our key belief systems.  It requires a major life event or experience to change core principles and values.

Healthy core principles are based on truth and natural law, yet sometimes we have established core principles based on emotional situations or incorrect or unclear perceptions.  It is important to discover these errors and correct them.  As our decisions and choices are based on core principles and values, it is essential these core principles are in alignment with truth and the highest good.

We have a divine potential which is part of the divine design or divine plan of our life.  This is our highest and greatest potential and possibility.

May you continue to grow, thrive and adapt.
May you live your most magnificent life possible!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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