what goes around


A caterpillar becomes a cocoon and the cocoon becomes a butterfly.

Life’s miraculous process of transformation continues as death becomes new life.

We experience similar moments in our lives.  Something has ended, maybe a relationship, a dream, a business or a powerful pattern or situation.  Then the opportunity for something new and different emerges.

Follow the still small voice within and go forward.  The mind will scream and rant and rave – our comfortable pattern or addiction is being threatened.  Our intuition is higher wisdom.  Let it go, take a few deep breathes.

Start fresh now.  This is a brand new moment and can be a beginning of health, joy, love, success and prosperity.

Let go of the old and allow the new to take form.  Give up the story, being right, and forcing life to be the way the mind/ego thinks it should be.  Allow life to show up and see how it works best.

Give people and situations the space to grow and develop naturally.  Look with your heart and discover what is sincerely calling you.  Follow your truth and do what is best for the highest expression of your full, creative potential.

What makes us joyous and fulfilled?
Isn’t it in giving, loving, serving, creating, sharing and encouraging we feel most alive?

The butterfly is such an exquisite and delightful creation of God and nature.  It is so beautiful, yet delicate and floats and flows with the currents.  It’s life may be a short, and it is also glorious and breath-taking.

Maybe we are not too different from a butterfly.  Are we willing to break out of our cocoon and be beautiful and magnificent?  After all, this is what we truly are…..beautiful, invincible and magnificent!

Our natural essence as spiritual beings is healthy, whole and complete and we are created from the original energy of the universe.

Make your life a masterpiece!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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