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Goals, Objectives and Desires

Having goals, objectives and desires are highly promoted in our society and in many self-help books, seminars, educational courses and blogs.  A positive direction, focus or outcome can be very beneficial when appropriate, healthy and balanced.  Many people create incredible inventions and benefits to our world because of their burning desire to achieve their dream.

An unbalanced and inappropriate desire can damage and destroy people, families, nations, nature and the world.  Look around and you will see examples of positive desires, like Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, MLK or Mother Teresa or negative desires like Hitler, Warfare and Terrorism and destruction of planet earth for profit, greed, power and control.

Wisdom, discernment and intuition guide us properly when the mind/ego is a support mechanism.  When the mind/ego is the driving force without the proper balance of the heart and intuitive wisdom, selfishness, greed, control and power are usually the result, no matter how wonderful the achieved outcome might be.

Often the illusion of attaining a goal can be harmful and dangerous when it is selfish or unbalanced and we make it a priority in our reality, thinking and behaviors.  The desire for what we want or need can become the focus and driving force of our energy, activity and life.  As a result, the journey or process of growth is given less attention or lost.  When we sacrifice proper principles, values and being kind to ourselves and others, we pay a great price to achieve what the mind/ego desires. 

The ironic fact is when we finally achieve most goals, the joy and fulfillment quickly fades away and we search for another object to focus our attention upon.  The mind is always looking for what’s next.  Is any goal or desire worth hurting ourselves or others and violating our inner harmony and integrity along with The Golden Rule?

There is a fundamental purpose of our lives. To know it, we must understand where life comes from and where it is going, look beyond our immediate goals to what we ultimately want to accomplish and consider life’s highest potential for development.”
Paramahansa Yogananda

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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