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“Let us thank God for putting us in our one big home of the earth; let us live happily and harmoniously and do His will, that our home may become what He wants it to be.”

Paramahansa Yogananda

(Inner Reflections Calendar , Self Realization Fellowship
Photo of Mt. Baker, WA by Mary Liz Austin)

We are here to help each other in our families and world.  It is simple as it is The Golden Rule.  We are here to appreciate one another and live off earth’s vast natural resources in a healthy and balanced way.  It is part of our higher purpose for being here and coming to planet earth.  Being present in the moment and listening with our heart and two ears is a good start.

We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience.
  We are not what we appear to be or here for what we appear to be here for.  It is easy to live life on the surface and not see we are preparing for a much bigger game.

Our physical life of 60-100 years is a mere blip in eternity.  Some trees are over 500 years old.  We are not our body or our mind.  We are not the voice in our head.  We are spirit, we are soul, we are created in the image of God with co-creative ability.  We are blessed with the earth and all we need to sustain us.  We are given everything and asked to discover why we are truly here.  What is our higher purpose?

Wisdom and enlightenment require deeper contemplation and commitment.  What infinite intelligence created us, this world and universe and why are we here?

Yogananda actualized his divine potential teaching people around the world how to find peace, joy, happiness, wisdom, prosperity and enlightenment.  He was a world class writer, lecturer, teacher, guru, healer, successful entrepreneur and multimillionaire.

Yogananda was God’s Ambassador from India sent to America to teach meditation and Kriya Yoga and to share a practical path to God & Christ.  As Yogananda said, “God is the Guru.”  Autobiography of A Yogi is one of the most read spiritual books for the past 70 years. 

Will you take the inner journey and go within?  Will you experience peace, truth, wisdom and understanding?  It is a place of love, clarity, discernment, humbleness and compassion.  Discover the real reason you are here and new possibilities.

Go the distance, you can do it.

May this holiday inspire you to higher truth and consciousness.
May you manifest the divine plan of your life and actualize you infinite potential.

Have a Healthy, Joyous, Peaceful & Prosperous Thanksgiving!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach

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